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Stay at home date night ideas for couples

Because sometimes staying at home is better than going out!

In today’s hectic world, couples often struggle to find time together. Between juggling work, social and other life commitments, it can frequently seem almost impossible to set aside a quiet moment for just the two of you – and the situation gets even worse if you’ve got kids.

For many couples, the idea of going out together becomes an exercise in logistics, trying to sort out babysitters and put arrangements in place around the house. Even just leaving your kids in the company of a relative stranger can be enough to dissuade many parents from going out. Once you’ve factored in the cost and the fact you’re probably both shattered after a long week at work, many people find themselves staying home more and more as they get older.

Whatever the reason, staying in doesn’t need to be boring and there are many ways you can make a night at home special.

Play a board game or card games

Old-style board and playing card games are a great way to get you interacting with each other again, joking and laughing over tactics and mistakes. You’ll soon forget the stresses of everyday life while tapping back into the things that brought you together in the first place. Try adding a competitive element to the games for even more fun (e.g. best of three or five type challenges). If you’re stuck which games to play, check out this list of the best board games for couples.  

Take a break from cooking for the night

Just because you’re not going out, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy restaurant-quality food. Rather than sticking with the standard delivery services you might have used in the past, try orderingsomething completely different. A growing number of restaurants now offer delivery services of the same food they prepare for their in-house menu. 

For example, London-based Jikoni offers fine dining food delivery of their most popular vegetarian and vegan menu dishes. Taking a break from cooking and the washing-up can be a great way to make a night at home feel special. If you have kids, consider cooking for them first and tucking them off to bed before ordering food for just the two of you. 

Watch a classic movie that neither of you has seen

Watching a movie might sound a little detached but being cuddled up on the sofa together instantly makes you feel more connected. Try picking one of the best romantic movies to really set the mood and settle in. If just one movie doesn’t sound enough, think about making it more of a marathon with three or four. 

Sitting up until the early hours – just the two of you – can help rekindle passions of old and make you both feel like teenagers again. 

Learn something new together

The internet is awash with instructional videos covering everything from ballroom dancing to card tricks. For best effect, try picking something that neither of you has ever done so that you’re both genuinely learning together from scratch. Learning and performing tasks requires team-work and will draw out many of the qualities you first found attractive in one another.