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The Small Details of Your Home that Make a Difference

When it comes to our homes, we’re accustomed to thinking about the big details like kitchen fittings, but what about the small details that make your house a home?

Sometimes these can get lost in the big picture, but you’ll find investing in these smaller details can make a big difference to the feel of your home. We all want to live in comfort, and these five details can help you do this.

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We want our homes to be as energy-efficient as possible, keeping the heat in and the cold out. However, your windows are one of the main areas where this efficiency can break down if you’ve not got the right ones. 

A new set of windows will not only help keep your house warm and save you money on your bills, but they’re also important for the aesthetics of your home, added windows Essex. Window frames are one of the first things people are drawn to when they see your house, so make sure they’re well kept.


The floors cover virtually every single bit of our houses, and yet we tend not to see them as a priority. 

The wrong flooring can have a big effect on your house,though, making it seem cold, unkempt, and outdated. Homes need renewal from time to time, and your floors are a big part of this. 

You’ve got so many amazing options when it comes to the flooring in your house, so look for flooring services Bedfordshire and find the option that fits your home. 


If we think we’ve got a lot of floor, then times it by four and you’re looking at the amount of wall space you’ve got. 

Wear and tear happens when you’re living in a house, and, naturally, your walls are going to deteriorate with time. Not to mention the fact that fashions change quickly, so if you leave it too long, your walls can start to drag your house down. 

Luckily, it’s easy to give your walls a new lease of life, giving your house a fresh feel in the process. 


The loft is often that place you venture into once a year to fetch out the Christmas decorations. However, it might just hold some hidden value you’re not making the most of. 

While it’s great to have storage space; living space is seriously in demand, and if you convert your loft into a new room, then you’re likely to add some value. It’s often a bit of a forgotten part of the house, but the loft might be an area you should be paying more attention to. 


The garden is an amazing space. It does take a fair bit of care and attention, but when you’ve got a usable outdoor space, it can bring so much joy. 

Investing in your garden and bringing it up to a high standardis almost like giving yourself an extra room in the house, except, it’s out in the fresh air.