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Why your family needs a garden room

If you’re one of the people lucky enough to have a bit of spare space in the garden, you may be amongst many homeowners that have some difficulty in deciding what to do with their extra square footage. Space in the home or in the garden often goes unused or under-utilised, but Hawksbeck have the perfect solution to not only use your garden more effectively, but actually add living space to your abode.

With a bespoke garden room you can instantly add a gym, studio, den or domicile to your property at affordable costs and with no hassle. A garden room truly is a home (not too far) away from home and with the garden room market growing, now is the perfect time to get on board. Even if you don’t have any spare space, Hawksbeck will also help you get rid of an old garage or reformat an extension to pave the way for a brand new custom build.

With a Hawksbeck garden room, the options are limitless. The bespoke nature of their range means that they can design a room to fit your desires, but to help you make your decision here are a few examples of what is possible.

Home Office

As the work from home season continues with no real end in sight, now is a great time to build a unique and supremely comfortable home office. With a truly unbeatable commute. An uninterrupted workday without distraction is irreplaceable if you’re in crunchtime. If we couple this with large, breathable interiors with a fully integrated office suite that’s equipped for conferencing and perfect for any day-to-day tasks the only downside is that you may never want to go back to your regular workplace.

Home Gym

Whether you’re slinging some weights or practicing your pilates, having your own space where you’re not worried about bumping into anything is a luxury. You can build around your own gym needs and cater to your current and future routines from the privacy of your own garden. Control the temperature and even add in a shower room for the post-workout. Store other exercise equipment like yoga balls and bikes to have everything you need for a healthier lifestyle at your fingertips. Create your own gym design to fabricate a garden room which gets you ready for a tough workout and allows you to breathe easy.

Den Space

When you’re looking for somewhere to relax, most of the time you have to get out of the house. With a garden den you can fully unwind without even having to go out of the front door. A relaxing den space can also double as a place for the younger members of the family to have their own space and independence whilst still being within earshot.

Garden Studio

If there’s one time where you need complete isolation whilst still being on your own doorstep it’s when you’re trying to get creative. Build the garden studio from the ground up according to exactly what you envision, including soundproofing and environmentally friendly panelling. If you need a space to paint, write or record a garden studio will help you get into the right headspace in as short a time as it takes to walk from your back door.

Annex/Guest Accomodation

If you’re looking for more space for family,guests or lodgers then a garden room is exactly what you need. Hawksbeck garden rooms are one of the few brands that are built to building regulation standards, meaning that they are always safe for guest accommodation when building to spec. Many cheaper alternatives do not offer this so you are set up for extra hidden costs.

Hawksbeck garden rooms are all constructed from structural insulated panels, which means that they adjust to both the hot and cold so they are comfortable to stay in during all seasons. If you’re looking to make an investment in the rental space or give guests an extra special space to stay in, Hawksbeck are ready to help.