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Eight Reasons People Move to a New Home

Moving is rarely fun, but most people do it for a good reason. Here are some of the most common reasons people in the U.K. decide to move.

Taking on a New Job

Many people, especially young adults, move because they’ve received an offer for a new job. Some choose to move to a city that has more opportunities in their field. Even if they stay in the same city, some people move closer to their work to avoid a long commute.

Need More Space

People who plan to have a big family will need a home with several bedrooms. It can be difficult to move with children, so couples might be better off doing so before they start having kids. But children aren’t the only reason people need more space. Many people move from a flat to a home if they get a dog or simply want their own backyard.

Better Schools

According to the BBC, many English parents move to so that they will live in areas with better schools. This might seem like a drastic move, but as university admittance becomes more competitive, some parents will do whatever it takes to increase their chances. Sometimes couples purchase a starter home or rent an apartment when they start living together. Then, they move when they decide to start a family. 

Upgrading to Their Dream Home

After receiving a large pay rise or saving enough to do so, many families upgrade to a larger or nicer home as a reward for working hard and being fiscally responsible over the years. 

Getting Older 

When people get older, their needs and desires change. Some might want to live closer to their family. For others, going up stairs becomes a challenge as they age, so they move to a smaller, single-story home.


Once their kids go off to university, get married, or move out of the family home, many parents find that they have too much extra space. By moving to a smaller home, they’ll save money and cut down on maintenance around the home.

Financial Reasons

Sometimes, people have no choice and must move due to financial difficulties. Moving from London to a town with a lower cost of living can save a family thousands of pounds each year.

Looking for a Change

After living in the same flat for several years, it’s understandable to want something new and different, even if it’s just moving to a different part of the same town.

Moving is inevitable. Most people will move multiple times during their lives. Regardless of the reasons, moving is far less stressful when people hire professional residential movers.