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How to make your home reflect your personality

There must be hundreds of statements about what ‘home’ is. You know… “Home is where the heart is”, “Home, sweet home”, “My home is my stronghold” … And all of those are, indeed, so very true! Be it a family house with a yard, a country cottage, a city apartment or just a small nook somewhere, it’s the only place where you can be yourself, feeling loved, cared for and safe from the overwhelming world outside.

Just as we all are different from each other, so are our homes. This may perhaps explain best the exciting variety of décor styles and the need to style a home so that it would reflect the individual personality of its residents, in terms of colors, textures, materials, furniture items and accessories. So, here are 5 tips on how to take up a space and make it a ‘home made for you’.

1. Choose your décor style.

Looking at all those seductive pictures in the shiny interior design magazines and dedicated websites showing gorgeous interiors, styled to perfection, you may easily get confused about what décor style to choose for your own home. The following few tips may help:

  • Take a good look at the street, the buildings around, the neighbourhood, even the whole town and the overall environment your home is located in. Considering the unique ambiance of the surroundings can turn helpful for choosing the style most appropriate for your home.
  • Ask yourself whether you would like your home to blend in or stand out. There’s nothing “wrong” in styling the interior of your city apartment as a country cottage, for example. Who says it must look ‘industrial’ or ‘modern’just because it’s in the city?! And why not style your country house as a super modern city residence?!
  • Personalize the style of your choice. Your personality is expressed through various subtle nuances of your own character. So, play with these and let them show in the décor style you’ve chosen for your home. Don’t just ‘copy-paste’ the lines and elements of your favourite style but rather get inspired by the designers’ ideas and personalize them to express your own taste.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to mix styles. You are a versatile multifaced personality. Why shouldn’t your home be?!

2. Don’t compromise on comfort.

Feeling ‘at home’ is all about feeling comfortable. What would you gain from furnishing your home with all those fancy items you’ve seen in the magazines, on Internet or in the furniture & décor show rooms?! They maylook beautiful and stylish, yes, but are they going to be comfortable? This is why it’s so important to shop around for comfy furniture such as when you’re looking for lounges and sofas from Monster Furniture and similar websites. So, here are a few things to do when choosing furniture:

  • Furniture items are best chosen on site. Go to the furniture store, sit, lie and roll over (if you wish!) on every sofa, bed, chair, stool or armchair until you choose the one you feel most comfortable on.
  • Touch, inspect and even smell the materials, textures and fabrics. See if these feel fine on your skin.
  • Get as much information as possible about the structure of the item you’re interested in. You wouldn’t like to see your new chair break or get a saggy couch seat after using them for a couple of months only, would you?

3. Be practical.

Only because something looks beautiful, does not mean it’s practical. At least, not by your standards and needs! It is therefore important to learn how to balance style with functionality. Here are a few things to think about before buying furniture and décor styling items for your home:

  • Consider size and space when planning your interior. Measure well the available floor area, the length and height of the walls, and take notice of every corner, curve, angle and opening, incl. doors and windows. This will help you avoid bringing in items that would not fit in the room.
  • Consider your daily routines. You may have fallen in love with that posh white leather Italian sofa you’ve seen on Pinterest or Instagram. But beautiful and comfortable as it may be, would it be practical as well? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to keep its fine material as white and unspoiled as on the day it gets unpacked? Daily? Weekly? At all times?! What would your kids and pet-dog think about having it in your living room? …
  • Style should come second. Always try to choose a key interior element primarily for its practical functionality. A large glass-top dining table, for example, may look gorgeous but, knowing your way of life, would it be truly safe and practical for daily use in your home? Luckily, with the enormous variety of items on the market, there are multiple options to reconcile style with functionality.

4. Keep your memories live.

Life is an exciting experience. So, at setting up the interior of your home, there’s hardly ever anything more personal than telling the story of your life. Because ‘home’ is, after all, where your memories live! Here are some smart ideas of how to keep your life story alive:

  • Create arrangements of family photos
  • Showcase souvenirs from your trips as well as personal collections of items and memorabilia
  • Boldly display proud achievements of you and your loved ones – medals, diplomas, artwork and anything else that would bring sweet memories every time you look at.

5. Get to the detail.

We all have dozens of little things we have come to love, things that make us feel comfortable and cozy having them around. Avoiding unreasonable hoarding or mess, we can always incorporate them in the stylish arrangement of our home. Here are a few ideas about accessories that add personal touch:

  • Morning coffee or afternoon tea mugs, personalized with favourite quotes, drawings, or photos of your loved ones (of your pet, too!)
  • Scented candles in the bathroom
  • Cheerful pillows with favourite pattern on the bed or the couch
  • A few favourite magazines and books on the side table or the night stand
  • Favourite flowers arranged in beautiful bouquets and exhibited in elegant vases around the house
  • Little ‘silly’ figurines or statement pieces.