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Are Hublot Underrated as a Luxury Watchmaker?

​Hublot is a name that’s been around in the luxury watch industry since just 1980, so it’s one of the newest members of the club. That being said, it doesn’t make the brand any less significant or any less profitable. In 2018, the brand was reported to have sales in excess of $646 million. But is Hublot getting the real credit it deserves?

The Underdog

With most Swiss luxury manufacturers having been in the industry for many, many decades, Hublot has had a challenge in coming up the ranks. However, it seems to have done pretty well so far. 

Since 2008, the owner of Hublot has been none other than LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. While this on its own didn’t suddenly transform the brand into the successful entity it is now, a lot of the businesses success does stem from it’s wise choice of partnerships. 

Celebrity Ambassadors

Ever since the brand emerged it’s watches have been a huge hit among the stars. Many famous stars and athletes have acted as brand ambassadors for Hublot in the past, including sports legends such as Usain Bolt; football superstars including Diego Maradon and Pele; and famous musicians such as Lionel Richie and Jay-Z .   

In addition to being associated with some of the biggest names of our era, the brand has plenty of other great accolades to brag about. Hublot is the first luxury watch manufacturer to be recognised as an integral part of football and is the official timekeeper of FIFA.   

Something for Everyone

Despite being quite a young company, the Hublot watch collection is quite an extensive one, with a wide range of models. However, there is one solid principle the company resides on that shines through in each and every piece, and that is the “art of fusion”.

What this principle refers to is the skilful is essentially the skilful combining of gold and one of Hublot’s most recognised trademark’s – the rubber strap. As well as being extremely adept in the successful fusing of rather odd combinations.

Another huge advantage Hublot has over many other watchmakers when it comes to the designing of new models, is that most of the watch’s components are made in-house, including the same movements that are found in Hublot Ferrari and slim Classico calibers..


So, while the Hublot brand may not be quite as well known as that of say Rolex or Patek Philippe, it’s not been around anywhere near as long. Maybe in another 50 years it will surpass both as it climbs its way to becoming the world’s favorite luxury watchmaker. 

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