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5 Discreet Ways for Parents to Take CBD

In the UK, CBD is safe, legal, and can do wonders for your physical and mental health. CBD also has no intoxicating properties, and won’t affect your ability to parent well or make rational judgments. But despite all that, CBD is still the subject of a lot of stigma.

This stigma can be felt even more by parents who decide to try CBD, as parents are some of the most scrutinized people on the planet. Especially when in the presence of family members or other parents.

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The good news is that there are very discreet ways to take the substance. If you want to get the benefits of CBD without having to deal with strange looks or snide remarks from people around you, here’s how you can go about getting CBD into your system.

1 – Edibles

CBD gummies are incredibly popular, with most people opting to use them. They can be useful if you want to be discreet and not highlight that you are using CBD, but ensure that you keep them out of sight of other people if you don’t want them to be identified.

Lucky for you, the CBD market is bursting with creativity. You can find CBD in all sorts of food products, including cakes, chocolate, lollipops, ice cream, and even jam. Who is ever going to suspect that your jam sandwich doubles as anxiety medication?

2 – Capsules and pills

Speaking of medication, one of the best ways to be discreet about CBD is to make it look like regular pharmaceuticals. CBD pills and capsules are easy to find for sale, and you can make them extra sneaky by placing them in different containers. If you are looking for a good cover story, CBD gel capsules look a lot like Omega-3 supplements — both consist of a soft gel exterior filled with an oily substance.

3 – Vaping

If you already vape regularly, then vaping CBD is the easiest way to get the substance in your system without raising any questions. When vaped, CBD e-liquids do not look or smell any different than regular e-liquids. Meaning there is no way for an outsider to look at you and know what you’re vaping. And you can make this even more discreet by investing in vape devices that are designed to produce less smoke.

4 – Drinks

Entrepreneurs are adding CBD to every product you can imagine. And of course, this includes various beverages. CBD soda, beer, coffee, wine, and tea are all viable options for getting the substance in your system without drawing attention. You can also dilute CBD into a water bottle and drink it throughout the day to help regulate your mood.

5 – Patches

Just like nicotine patches, CBD patches can be attached to your skin in places that are out of sight. Throughout the day, the CBD contained in the patch will go through the skin and reach your bloodstream, constantly giving you more doses of CBD.

It’s a shame that CBD is still subject to so much stigma, given how useful the substance is. If you’d like an in-depth look into the benefits of cannabis oil and CBD products, check out this Cibdol guide.