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6 Ways to Reduce Stress When Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral can be extremely difficult, especially when you are grieving. The emotional pain coupled with the stress of organising can become too much, and it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed. There are ways to reduce the number of stresses, however, so read on for six ways to minimise your stress when you are planning a funeral.

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1: Choose a date you can meet

Funerals don’t have to be rushed. If there is a lot of planning to do, then allow yourself the time to meet those goals. Rushing can increase the stress in the run-up to the funeral, so let yourself relax a little more and give yourself extra time. 

2: Know the budget

Whether your loved one had a plan or otherwise, you must know the budget. Financing can be a difficult area of funeral planning, so see how much money you’ve got to work with and go from there. If you’re struggling, see if anyone can help pitch in.

3: Seek professional planners

If you are struggling to plan the funeral, allow yourself to seek the help of those who know how. You can simply provide them with a list of things you want to happen, and allow them to take it from there. Same can be said for any other financial issues after the death of a loved one – searching online for ‘the best help for will writing near me’, will pull up lots of choices and save you a lot of stress. 

4: Allow others to help

While you’re dealing with the initial grief, you might feel like shutting people out, but it is better to let them in. When someone passes away, many people are willing to help out in any way they can, and you should allow that. Someone may offer to sort the flower arrangements, while another might take the responsibility of letting people know the date of the funeral. Forget your pride and allow the people who love you to take some of the burdens so you can find the time to process your emotions

5: Don’t let others get you down

Unfortunately, the death of a loved one can sometimes bring outpeople who you’d rather not hear from. Maybe someone who the deceased used to know gets in contact, or possibly, they had a group of work friends who you don’t mesh well with. Disagreements are part of life, and you must deal with these people politely, no matter how much you don’t want to see them. If they are insensitive, try your best to not rise to the situation, as this time is about the deceased. 

6: Allow yourself to grieve 

Once the planning is out of the way, allow yourself to grieve. Use the funeral as an opportunity to say goodbye and let out your emotions. You will be surrounded by people who support you, so don’t worry about letting your feelings show. Try not to worry about how the funeral turns out – you’ve done the best you can, and it’s your time to grieve.