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4 Activities To Do With Your Children This Autumn

Most parents know only too well that their children are often complaining of being bored. When they are so young, they seem to switch from one activity to the next, proclaiming that their once favourite hobby is now boring and that they want to do something else. However, there are a range of activities out there that both parent and child can enjoy together (and hopefully for more than just half an hour). Check them out below for some inspiration.

Indoor Water Park

Now, this is an activity that the kids are bound to love! The chance to play around in the water all day makes even the most sensible of adults revert back to a child-like state, making it a great day out for all the family. A day full of waterslide races is every child’s dream, and they will come home that evening absolutely exhausted, so you will not need to worry about them complaining about being bored. They will be far too tired for that!

A Fishing Trip

Arrange to take the kids for a day out to a harbour or the countryside and teach them how to fish! Most parents think that fishing will bore their child, but some children are fascinated by just watching the activity and will thoroughly enjoy a day out in the fresh air. However, this activity is probably better suited to slightly older children as you will have to make sure that they do not get their hands on the carp fishing tackle. But if you keep an eye on your kids, this could be a great day out for them, and you may even catch a fish!

Visit a Castle

Pack a picnic and take your kids out to a castle for the day! As tempting as it may be just to take them to the park, a castle will occupy their minds for longer and ignite their imaginations with thoughts of princesses and knights. Most of us are not historians, but it is a great opportunity to impart some of your knowledge of history onto them in a way that is fun and enjoyable. Many castles, including Stirling Castle, run events throughout the year where kids can dress up as famous kings and queens or attend live jousting events, what’s not to like! Those dress-up sessions will also make some great photographs to look back on as they grow older.


As tempting as it is to just buy ready-made treats for your kids to tuck into, baking with them will make the whole experience much more fun! It is a great chance for your children to begin learning some cooking skills and the baked goods are sure to go down a treat afterwards. This is a basic activity that can keep the kids occupied for hours, and it does not even require you leaving the house! You can start with an effortless baked treat such as cookies, and before long you will be baking great cakes for all the family to enjoy together.