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6 foolproof men’s style tips that never fail to impress

When it comes to styling, not all of us are skilled experts in the art. Some of us need more help than others. However, with trends changing by the minute, it is impossible to keep up with the dos and don’ts appropriately dressing.

This makes us wonder if things were just simpler, like a handful of styling tips to make the whole process slightly easier. Well, look no further; we have just the fix for you. 

You do not need the latest trendy pieces in the market or high fashion favorites. All you need is to follow a very basic styling guide for men such as this one.

The following are six foolproof style tips that never fail to impress any crowd. Let’s get started.

1.Prioritize comfort above everything else

You can never look good if you are feeling uneasy. The rule of thumb is to stay away from anything that makes you uncomfortable. It does not matter how on-trend something is; if it does not make you feel at ease, ditch it.

When it comes to comfort, two primary factors come into play, namely the fabric and the fit.

Good quality fabric makes a world of difference. The most comfortable and fashionable fabric is one that is light, breathable, and easy to carry. Sure, latex is hot right now but is it comfortable? Absolutely not. Opt for fabrics that you feel at ease in. Our favorite picks for all year round wear are cotton and linen.

Your garment’s fit is critical if you want your outfit to look prim, proper, and on point. Refrain from overly fitted clothes as they can be quite limiting in terms of movement. Make sure your clothes fit you well but are not too tight or too loose.

2.Wear the right fit

An ill-fitting garment can make or break your entire look. The right fit, however, can elevate your look, unlike any other. 

If you buy something and it does not fit you well, get it altered. Ensure that everything fits the way it is supposed to. Your sleeves should end at your wrists, and your trouser hems should ideally reach just under your ankle. If you want to check if yourshirt fits you properly, sit down while buttoning it. 

Getting your garments altered is an instant game-changer because it gives you the luxury of wearing a custom-fitted number without having to spend the big bucks.

3.Play with darker hues

While we love all colors, there is no denying the appeal of dark colors that instantly makes everything classier. They are mysterious, sultry, and supremely versatile. Darker colors also look more elegant and make your body look more toned. You can pair them with an array of colors to create stunning customized looks; what’s not to love about them?

Black, brown, burgundy. Charcoal grey, navy blue, deep mossy green are great choices because they are easy to style, work well with an array of outfits, and look good on anyone and everyone.

4.Layer your clothes

Layering is the ultimate way to ramp up an otherwise sober ensemble. You have to be careful with your layering options in order to keep the style quotient up. 

When it comes to colors, wear lighter colors inside and darker on the outside as it never looks bad. Experiment with different lengths to make your look more exciting and preventing your outfit from looking like a bunch of clothes piled on top of one another. Longer outer layer hems are the safest to work with.

One of the safest layered outfits and one of our favorites is a pair of denim jeans, a crisp button-down shirt or tee, layered with a bestselling leather jacket in the US. To take it a step further, throw an overcoat or scarf on top and complete the look with some ankle boots. 

5.Opt for classic over contemporary

Classic and timeless fashion staples have stood the test of time. They are chic, classy, and forever on-trend. Trends, although fun, are disposable and frankly exhausting to keep up with. Why bother with them when you can just keep it simple and statement with the classics? You can rock the classic staples without ever feeling outdated.

Take a classic pair of denims and a white tee, for instance. Simple yet super chic and graceful, you can sport this plain outfit as it is or takes it up a notch with a trendy jacket or a cozy sweater and a complementing pair of shoes. The same applies tosomething like a light-colored buttoned-down shirt with black trousers or dress pants.  

6.Pay attention to the little details

Spending a fortune on clothes, shoes, and accessories is not the only way to look impressive. You have to be particular about additional details like your grooming as well. A nice haircut that complements your face shape and a neatly trimmed beard alone can elevate your style.

Never ignore skincare because everyone deserves to have fresh and radiant looking skin. Use a moisturizer and lip balm at the very least. Also, this should not serve as a reminder but make sure to trim your nails regularly.  

Tuck your shirt in to make it look polished and sleek. This is perhaps one of the most basic style tips every fashion guru will give you. It does not matter how expensive your clothes are; an untucked shirt gives the impression that you are a sleazy person.

Finally, coming to accessories, our advice is to keep it simple.Less is truly more. A pair of sunglasses and a classy wristwatch is all you need to pull off any outfit, really.


Fashions fade, but style is eternal. Fashion trends and tips may change, but staying true to your own style at the end of the dayis critical. If you wish to create a stunning ensemble but hesitate with experimentation, these fashion tips will surely help you out.Don’t follow the crowd; walk your own path using these foolproof tips and make an impression unlike any other. 

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