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The Ultimate Man’s Guide for Incredible Hair

It is in men’s nature to keep things practical, low-key, and minimal, especially when it comes to the time they spend in the bathroom getting ready. This is why most men prefer to keep their hair short – it is easier and more practical to maintain and doesn’t require too much effort in order to look good.

Regardless of your hair’s length, volume, or texture, ensuring incredible hair is a matter of following a simple yet effective hair care routine. With these couple of tips in mind, you will ensure your hair always looks incredibly good.

Find the right shampoo for your hair type

Regular shampooing prevents the build-up of dirt and oils (sebum) that are naturally produced by sebaceous glands on your scalp. Sebum is necessary as it acts as a barrier between the scalp and the external elements, and its production can increase or decrease with hormonal changes.

The problem is when there’s too much sebum building up, causing your hair to appear greasy and oily instead of shiny and voluminous. Fortunately, the excess oil can be tackled simply by using the right kind of shampoo. Steer clear of cheap shampoos with harmful ingredients and invest in quality ones that are suitable for your hair type and made using a gentle, sulfate and paraben-free formula. Don’t over-shampoo, though – aim to wash your hair three to four times a week, regardless of your hair’s length.

Condition your hair on a regular basis

Conditioning is just as important as shampooing, so don’t skip this step – even if you’re in a hurry. Hair conditioners are staples in every man’s healthy hair care routine because they replenish all the moisture and essential oils that the hair is stripped off while shampooing. Conditioners become even more important to your hair care routine the longer it gets since they help detangle and soften the hair, which makes combing so much easier.

Conditioners can be especially beneficial for men with hair that’s frizzy and dry as they help smoothen out dry ends. Quick tip: Focus on massaging the conditioner into the body and the ends of your hair instead of the roots, and condition less frequently if you have oily hair (just once or twice a week).

Choose the right hairstyle for yourself

A hairstyle is like a suit – if it’s tailored to flatter your features, the end result can be astonishing. Keep this in mind when choosing a hairstyle for yourself, as it will largely depend on several factors, including your hair type, head shape, and facial structure. Here are some of the best hairstyles for different face shapes.

  • Long face shape – medium to short hair length with equal length on the top and the sides
  • Round face shape – medium length, medium length on top, short/medium on the sides
  • Square face shape – a fade with extra volume on the top
  • Upside-down triangle face shape – medium to long hairstyles, preferably parted in the middle
  • Diamond face shape – long hairstyles layered from the sides on up to the top
  • Oval face shape – practically any hairstyle will look good with this facial structure (lucky you!)

Maintain your hairstyle by visiting barber shops

Whether you’re into buzz cuts, fades, or the trendy man buns, or prefer to keep your hair slicked back and bold with the pompadour haircut, you want your hairstyle to look effortlessly cool at all times. Getting a haircut every 4-6 weeks, whether that’s at your favorite barbershop or from a mobile barber in Atlanta (if you are based there), is optimal for maintaining the shape of your hair and keeping your hairstyle tidy and fresh. That being said, don’t go to just any barber. Instead, find a salon with good prices and great vibes.

A great barber can make all the difference, so make sure to look for 5 star barber shops in your area so you can ensure consistent great haircuts and service. Taking a bit of extra care and spending some time in that barber chair can do wonders for your self-confidence as well, making those trips to your local barber shop worthwhile.

Rely on styling products for finishing touches

Aside from investing in great hair care products and finding the best barber to maintain your ‘do, you should also look for styling products that will help keep your hair in place regardless of the weather conditions.

Running a bit of quality hair cream through your hair can help you achieve a natural daily look while also taming those unruly hairs and frizz, while a light hair gel will help you maintain your look throughout the evening while also adding some extra volume.

Wrapping up

Wanting an incredible hair that’s effortlessly cool is universal, and fortunately, achieving it isn’t all that complicated. With these simple tips and a couple of high-quality products, every day can be a great hair day.