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How Gaming Gives Parents The Downtime They Need

As much as you love being a parent, you are understandably going to be stressed at some point. Gaming is an excellent way for a parent to have some downtime – it’s not just an activity for your kids to enjoy. You and your kids could even play together at https://www.battlefly.game/ or spend time on another similar game, having some fun in different new ways and taking some time to relax after a busy day of parenting. Here’s how gaming can give parents the downtime they need.

You Can Involve Your Kids (Ratings Permitted)

While your younger kids might be limited from playing Grand Theft Auto, even your younger kids can enjoy a game of drift hunters or Mario Kart. Fun driving games allow you to compete with your kids or your partner in a fun and family-friendly way. If your kids are actually of an age where they might be learning to drive, video games can teach your kids some road-worthy skills.

Releases Pent Up Frustration

If your kid has just had that meltdown in the supermarket, release your frustration with some gaming. Video games are associated with stress relief and unwinding, with 55% involved in a gaming study stating it helps them relax. Carrying around stress can impair our ability to make decisions and react to situations. Distract yourself with a video game and take some downtime away from the stresses of parenthood.

Helps Improve Memory

As a parent, you often find yourself forgetting obvious things or misplacing items. Playing video games helps improve your memory as you find yourself making quick decisions or reacting to something in the game world. Spending an hour a day on a video game can save you time from searching for that misplaced phone or kid’s lunch box at the end of a long day.

Makes You A Faster Learner

When your kid comes home with homework, your post-work mind might be too frazzled to help. But gaming, particularly action games, can make you a faster learner. Action games allow us to develop our brains ‘predicting’ functions to more accurately assess what will happen next in a conversation or event. In addition to giving us a few minutes of downtime, we can become better equipped to help our kids with homework or even play a better football game with them.

Enhances Mental Wellbeing

Doing something you enjoy is the best way to improve your mental wellbeing. Gaming also allows you to achieve a set of goals, so you can feel success and accomplishment as you complete tasks and advance through the game. It’s natural to feel mentally shattered as a parent, so taking some time to replenish your mental stockpiles will leave you stronger and better equipped for the rest of the day. A simple game such as spider solitaire can be especially relaxing as it doesn’t require much concentration, meaning you can just switch off and relax as you complete each level in your own time. You’ll also be happier, which means you’ll enjoy time spent with your kids as well, benefitting your entire family.

You Can Connect With Your Partner

Once your kids are in bed, take out a two-player game, and compete with your partner. Or, you might have a game that requires you to work together to progress to the next level. Either way, gaming together can help you connect with your partner. You can also boost your communication skills as a couple and even work through problems as you play on a screen. Gaming doesn’t have to be a solo activity. You can even recreate a sense of adventure from your very own sofa.

Socialize With Fellow Gamers

Gaming is a social activity where you can chat on headsets or via a chatbox with millions of other gamers worldwide and with esports growing rapidly in popularity the number of other gamers to talk will be increasing too. You might want to invite your friends over for a gaming session or connect online. Gaming communities allow you to gather over online games or socialize in forums to troubleshoot and give advice. Take a few minutes from being a parent and connect with adults across the world.

Boosts Your Attention Span

How hard is it to focus when you’re a busy parent? Gaming helps boost your attention span outside of the game, so it’s easier for you to focus on completing tasks. Playing a game allows you to focus on only the critical information, disregarding unimportant facts in exchange for the relevant data. Applying this to everyday life is a precious skill as a busy parent. 

Gaming has many mental benefits for parents, allowing you to have fun and restore your brain capacity. Have fun with your kids, partner, or friends and have some much-needed downtime. You know, as a parent, you deserve it! Taking some time for yourself will allow you to replenish your mind and become an even better parent along the way.