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A Mom’s Guide to Self-Care

Moms have always found it almost impossible to practice good self-care, but now that we need to self-quarantine, practice social distancing and homeschool kids, moms need self-care more than ever. Check out this small guide on mother self-care that will give you ideas and tips on how to decompress and recharge your batteries during this stressful time.

Eat like a champ

Self-care starts with what you put into your body, so make sure to fuel it properly. You probably cook healthily for your kids, but make sure to nourish yourself as well. If you have some spare time, look for a new recipe online to prepare from scratch or have one vegetarian day per week—these are all easy ideas that won’t require a whole menu change. Eating well will not only fill you up with energy, but it will also help you maintain a healthy weight and a youthful look. Plus, you’ll be setting a great example for your kid—it’s a multiple win situation! 

Move your body

You probably make a lot of steps every day and make plenty of squats when picking up toys, but unfortunately, that’s not real exercise. To spice up your daily routine, you can find an online yoga class, go on a quick run around the neighborhood or take up home Pilates. All of these sessions only take 30 minutes to an hour, so you can easily include them in your daily routine

Squeeze in some socializing

Mothers usually have a super busy schedule, but don’t let that keep you away from your friends and family. If you can’t have weekly date nights with your partner, you can at least find a little bit of time every day to connect and do something together. Once a month, schedule a Friday date night with your partner and a Saturday brunch with friends (if you all are feeling healthy). If you know your neighbors have kids, see whether they’ve been staying safe from COVID-19 and invite everyone over for some quality time. And you don’t have to full-on entertain—some pizza is more than enough. 

Have a pampering day

Who doesn’t like some TLC, especially when it comes in the form of a beauty day? Schedule a day that you can spend on yourself, your beauty and health while your child is with the other parent or safe with a babysitter. Many women report the loss of skin glow and radiance, sagging skin and thin hair after they had a baby, so if you’re one of them, you can treat yourself to a mesotherapy treatment that will completely rejuvenate you and make your whole body glow. You will instantly feel better about your appearance which is very important for confidence. You can also book a massage, mud bath or anything else that sounds appealing to your tired body and mind. 

Broaden your horizons

Before you became a mom, you probably had a bunch of other things that make up your identity. Now that you have a little life to take care of, these past interests might have sunk to the bottom of the list of your priorities. But, you can find some time in your day to dedicate to these passions and hobbies that allow you to grow, evolve and cultivate many parts of your personality. You don’t have to go dancing every day or spend hours painting in the evening, but one or two hours of your favorite activity per week will revive your spirit and fix your mood. 

Prioritize sleep

Do you often rush to do as many things as you can before the kids wake up? Well, this habit can cause you to experience serious sleep deprivation, which can bring with it things like increased appetite, weight gain, depression, heart disease, diabetes and many other health conditions. So, make sure to revise your sleep schedule and see how you can get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. You can also get a nap every time your kids are napping every second of rest counts! Another thing to consider is your bedtime routine, so stay away from alcohol, caffeine, TV and emotionally upsetting conversations before bed. 

It’s very important to be more conscious about how you treat yourself, so don’t feel guilty when you take some time off and dedicate it to yourself. The best moms are healthy and happy women, so work on yourself so you can give back love and care to your loved ones.