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Staying Fit As A Working Parent

Staying fit is a hard task, even if you don’t have children. Once you add kids and a job into the mix, the task of staying on top of your fitness is almost impossible. Or, so it seems. Fitness as a parent is all about keeping your body ticking over, ensuring you are reaching your healthy potential and staying fit and strong for your family’s wellbeing. For the most part, a full time job and children to take care of means that exercise, even at home, is seen as a chore – just another thing to add to the endless list of incomplete tasks.

But what if it wasn’t? In this blog you will find tips on how to stay fit as a working parent, and go beyond thinking of fitness as a burden on your life.

Desk Workouts

If you don’t find time in the day to do a workout that requires all your attention, there are ways to incorporate fitness and strength into your working day. Sitting at a desk all day is bad for your back and encourages us to live a sedentary life. Here are a few tips on how to stay fit at your office desk!

  • Lifting free weights. This requires sitting in upright posture on a stable chair, not a swivel chair, and using any free moments to lift free weights. Free weights help build core strength as well as toning your abs and arm muscles. 
  • Butt clenches! Do not underestimate the power of regular in-chair butt clenches.
  • Checking on your posture. Even just getting into the habit of checking in on your posture can help you overcome slouching, collapsing habits which weaken your core and damage your spine long term.

The Ten-Minute Rule

The most common way of avoiding workouts as a parent is claiming that you don’t have time. Some days, this is wholly true; time has escaped you, and so you find yourself sitting among the debris of the day at 9pm wondering what just happened. 

However, most days, it is possible to find ten minutes to spare. It could be ten minutes before you usually get out of bed; ten minutes before bed; on your lunch break or perhaps a pre-dinner ten. Whenever you find these minutes, use them to do a quick workout. Ten minutes of intense exercise per day will keep you fit and healthy; it is a myth that your workouts need to be lengthy to be worth it.

Finding The Reason

Finally, the crucial thing about working as a parent is that you need to want it. We don’t have time to force ourselves into exercise as a chore; it has to come from within to sustain fitness as a regular routine. You need to find the reason. Perhaps the reason for you exercising is weight loss, general organ health, stress-busting, setting an example to the kids, or simply for fun – whatever the reason, find it, and hold it dear when your motivation is dwindling.

Ultimately, exercise is an important part of life that should be cherished, even if life feels too busy to care.