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Top 5 Parenting Tips for First Time Dads

Parenting can be challenging, especially for first-time dads. Despite being one of those most significant life events, it takes more sacrifice and dedication for a great start. Dads have to do a lot to bond with the newborn, besides keeping the family happy.

The parenting task is of such a great significance that it requires awareness and willingness for a better and long termrelationship with newborn babies. Most dads will probably go through intense emotions and lack of sleep for the first few days, but the task is worth taking. Purchasing baby supplies can also be daunting. 

However, bubs warehouse baby clothing has the best kids’ outfit to get you started. With that said, you might be wondering what else has to be done to have it all covered and to bring a huge impact on the kid’s life.

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Read on to get the top 5 tips for first-time dads.

Get the Information You Need

First time parenting means limited experience with the newborn babies. That also means limited information. Although it’s challenging for moms, it’s usually more challenging for dads. It would help with so many things if dads sought information before the bundle of joy arrives. Multiple websites give parenting ideas that help a great deal with baby care. If you get the right information, you’ll get tips that help you take good care of the baby at every milestone of their growth and development.

You may also opt for parenting groups, although most of them provide more technical information about baby care. Here, dads get to talk to experts and share with other dads while practisingimportant baby care activities. This gives them a chance to spend quality time bonding with the infants as it becomes simple to accept or ask for help whenever is necessary.

Dedicate Time and Learn Tolerance

Bonding with newborns means dedicating quality time. In other words, dads should get hands-on daily care right from the beginning. Most tasks during this period are challenging. Therefore, tolerance will be an excellent virtue to practice. Most baby care tasks revolve around dressing, settling, feeding, playing, and bathing. Whether you are a mommy-mate or a single dad, those tasks will likely require the father to spend more time with the infant. Spending time with the baby also means studying their behaviour to enhance alertness to their needs at different times of the day.

Tolerance is significant in learning baby cues. It’s the part where the dad knows the infant’s body language and reactions. Therefore, paying attention will help to identify the baby’s needs. This involvement will eventually build different baby caring skills and confidence for first-time dads.

Bonding Process

While spending time is essential for taking care of the newborn, other things need to be done to build a connection. Think of some fun activities that will help you nurture a healthy relationship with the infant. Dads need to employ tender baby-handling techniques to ensure the baby’s safety at all times. Carrying and holding the baby will strengthen the bond with the baby and stimulate brain development.

Dads can also talk to babies as much as possible when carrying, changing, or bathing them. The repetitive words you say will help to develop language and strengthen the relationship. Besides, the baby will feel better when you sing or tell stories, even when they can’t talk. The baby will react in different ways, such as laughing or making happy sounds, when you speak to them, a great sign of bonding.

Eye contact is important to strengthen the dad’s connection to the baby. Keep in mind that babies are usually drawn to your face. During the early growth stages, the infant will only see clearly at least one foot in front of them. When you hold them, they will only see your face’s reaction. Therefore, keeping eye contact and giving the baby a smiling face will make the infant enjoy your company.

Teamwork and Responsiveness

As a father, you need to team up with the mother in taking care of the infant. In the process, both of you will have different sets of skills for raising the baby. Babies may have changing needs when raised by the family. As a result, the baby will have different reactions to either parent in different situations. 

On the other hand, learning how to take care of the baby is a timely preparation to help your partner during the recovery period. Keep in mind that the only activity limited to the moms is breastfeeding. That means you can team up in the other aspects of baby care to allow your partner to have breaks.

Responding to the baby’s needs is a way to help them develop and learn what to do whenever they need something. Therefore, every look, cry, or reach your baby makes should be honoured to build the connection. By responding to your baby’s calls, you help them feel appreciated. While responding to the reactions, speaking some words will help develop the baby’s language skills and enhance their communication ability. More importantly, responding with love and care strengthens your connection.

Babies Love Motion

When carrying or holding infants, remember they need motion. They need to be moved around, bounced, jiggled, and jostled. The movement is vital for their brain development and sense of balance. Spend valuable time to play with the infants while you hold them. They will feel not only happy but also secure when cuddled. You can also schedule occasional playtime indoors or outdoors for bonding purposes and build their strength and confidence as they develop physically.


Preparing for first time parenting is vital to the wellbeing of the baby and family. The tasks involved while raising the baby can be demanding. You, therefore, need a plan to cover it. With that said, it takes much dedication and awareness to become a more valuable parent. Despite the challenging milestones dads are likely to face, researching and seeking help from other dads, family members, and experts will help build confidence and develop excellent baby care skills. Remember that everything you do for the infant will determine the connection you develop with them now and into the future. Be sure to get your infant warehouse nappy bags to keep the baby’s supplies. Finally, pay attention to everything that should be done to begin your relationship with your infant as early as possible.