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A Guide to Creating a Functional Home That Can Withstand the Chaos of Family Life

When you have a family, the most important aspect to think about when you are redecorating your home is functionality and durability. Family life can put a lot of pressure on your home and can create an extensive amount of wear and tear. Then, it is important to find ways to ensure that your home is both stylish and welcoming and yet as practical as possible for both the adults and the children within your family. Find out some of the best tips to do this by reading this guide.

Making Your Small Home Look More Contemporary

Invest in the Right Finish for Your Floor 

Your flooring takes most of the impact of family life, from the stomps of temper tantrums to muddy tracks after a day spent outside. It is then important to choose the right material and finish for your floor to protect it from harm and to ensure that it lasts for many years into the future. For instance, laminate, wood, and vinyl floors are often more durable than carpets, as these can quickly wear and cease to be as soft as when you bought them. Or you might want to try a real wood floor finish that can not only withstand your family’s feet but will give a sense of real style and class. 

Choose Removable Upholstery

However much you love your kids, there is no denying that they create a lot of mess and are a nightmare for your new furniture. If you flinch whenever your children approach your new sofa or chairs, you should consider swapping these for alternatives that have upholstery that is attached with a zipper or buttons, meaning that these can be removed for cleaning. Not only this but if your upholstery is removable if you believe that its stains and smudges are too much for a standard clean, you can replace these fabrics easily with new material. If you cannot find removable upholstery, you should consider choosing furniture made from easily washable materials, such as fake leather.

Leave Space 

With children running and playing through your home, it can easily feel cramped if furniture is filling every nook and cranny. Excess amounts of furniture can also cause hazards for your children. Then, you should opt for a minimalist approach when it comes to your furniture, leaving space for your children and family to use for play and other large activities. This will also make moving around your home easier, with many people making the mistake of blocking corridors and walkways with chairs and tables. 

Make Your Home Adaptable 

Family life is constantly changing, and this means that so does what you need out of your home. Then, you should try to make your home as adaptable as possible to meet the requirements of your family for years to come. You can do this by creating multipurpose spaces. For instance, you might create an office space for the times that you work from home that also contains a bed that can be folded into a sofa or packed away when you do not have guests. This will ensure that you are never stuck without the practical necessities you need from your home, even if you live in a small space.

Make the Bathroom and Kitchen Practical

Rather than going all out in your bathroom and kitchen spaces, you should try to keep these as basic as possible. For instance, rather than installing a sofa in your bathroom, as has now become the fashion, you should opt for both a shower and a bath to cater to the preferences of both children and adults when it comes to washing. This is the same for your kitchen, where you should focus on installing durable cabinets and worktops rather than the fancy alternatives that you may have seen in the latest home décorcatalogue. 

Choose Paint Over Wallpaper

When you have kids and pets, wallpaper can often become ripped, leaving huge gashes in your walls. Not only this, but wallpaper can be hard to fully remove, meaning that if your kids choose to have wallpaper in their bedrooms, they may have to continue having wallpaper on their walls for years to come. It would be best if you then considered opting for paint over wallpaper as this can easily be patched up with an extra coat when it becomes tired or scratched. You can also varnishes and lacquers to ensure that your paintwork lasts for longer.