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Fun Ways to Boost Morale in the Workplace

Boosting morale in the workplace is essential for everyone. It increases productivity, employee retention, and happiness overall. When working nine until five every day, it can become difficult to cultivate a positive environment, especially when you’re using the same ideas over and over again. If your workplace is tired of the same old mood boosters and is looking for something a little more exciting, then read on for some fun-packed ideas.

A Delivered Lunch

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. If you’re experiencing a difficult workday, supplying staff with a delivered lunch is sure to brighten moods. The great thing about delivery is that it accommodates everyone’s taste buds! 

Host a Quiz Night 

An enjoyable activity for all is a good old quiz night. Get the whole group together and come up with a range of questions to stimulate everyone’s brain. You could even choose questions tailored to the company itself. 

If you struggle to find a venue for your own, you could always attend a pub’s quiz nearby. Just split up into fair teams! 

A Board Game Day 

Another fun way to get competitive is to bring in a range of board games. Take prizes for the winners and battle against each other in games like Mastermind, Cluedo, and Scrabble. Just be prepared for bickering if someone decides to bring Monopoly to work! 


If you really want to treat your staff, then offer a fun corporate event with Yurtel. While you may have previously spent lunches together, you will form strong bonds by spending a few nights enjoying time much-needed time away. After all, all the staff deserve a little luxury. 

Host a Bake-Off! 

Bake off isn’t strictly for the TV; you can host your own in the office! Of course, let employees do the baking at their own homes (imagine the mess!), but the judging can easily be done at work. Let everyone bring in their favourite home-baked cakes and biscuits to be tasted by all members of staff. Everyone can then vote for their favourite one, and the winner gets a prize. The competitiveness mixed with tasty treats is sure to lift everyone’s mood. 

Pet of the Month 

Everybody loves showing off their pets, and why shouldn’t they? Pets are the best friends a human could ask for. By hosting a pet of the month show, you allow everyone to bring in adorable pictures of their furry (and not so furry) friends. Who doesn’t want to see photos of cats, dogs, and hamsters when they walk into the office? You could gift the winner with a voucher to a pet grooming place to treat both the owner and winning pet. 

Bring a Pet to Work Day 

Being around pets reduces stress, so allowing staff to bring in their cuddly friends will certainly bring positivity to the workplace. Just make sure there aren’t any severe allergies, and maybe warn against bringing tarantulas or snakes! 

Go Bowling 

Bowling is fun for everyone. There’s food, drinks, a great game, and sometimes even arcades afterward. Heat up the competition by offering prizes to the top three winners. If anyone has any pent-up steam, then hurtling that bowling ball down the lane is sure to release it. Places like Spare time texas Austin offer this and more with a variety of group activities that are gaining in popularity with the work crowd. 

Start a Book Club 

Books are enriching for the mind and soul. They are a way to escape the mundanity of life and explore the world through a different lens. Not everyone manages to slot in the time for reading, but starting a book club will ensure more staff members do. 

While the chances are not everyone will get involved, those that do will reap great benefits. It will promote in-depth chat while you explore all the themes and nuances of a new piece of fiction each month. Take turns choosing the monthly novel, so everyone has the opportunity to share the genre they love most. 

Encourage a Marathon

Much like the book club, this one might not include everyone, but those that do it will be part of something inspiring. A marathon isn’t easy, but that’s the whole point. Encouraging staff members to push themselves to do something they’ve never done before will bring out a side of their character they never knew they had. Not to mention all the wonderful benefits they’ll gain from exercise!

Those that manage to complete the marathon will see a huge boost in mood, performance, and productivity. 

Boosting morale at work is important, and by using a variety of fun activities, you are sure to keep staff positive at work all year round.