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How to Surprise Your Mom and Make Her Feel Special

Your mom brought you up throughout life and taught you the lessons you needed to make it through this thought world. With this holiday season upon us, it is time to return the favor and make her feel special.

Young daughter giving gift box to mother at home

Here is how to surprise your mom and make her feel like the queen she is.

1. Dinner Date

Nothing shows appreciation like bringing the person that fed you all throughout life out for dinner. This can be a simple dinner date that brings her out to her favorite restaurant.

You can also switch things up and learn to cook a few meals that you took the time to learn. The important part of this is to ensure that she is not the one cooking. It is her time to sit back and relax while you spoil her. For instance, if Greek food is a favorite, why not order in dinner from the Best Gyro Restaurant in Astoria.

2. Flowers

Flowers are a thoughtful gift that can have a lot of meaning beyond just being colorful and pretty. You can pick out specific ones that correlate with when you were born or maybe find some that she had on her wedding day.

Be creative as well. Flowers are great gestures, but you can always spruce them up by getting a nice vase or having them made to last forever.

If you want to get really adventurous, you can try growing them yourself to bring her. Nurturing a seed to growth, just like she brought you up.

3. Classes

Bringing her to a class is a great way to surprise your mom. These classes can range anywhere from pottery, to painting, to wine tasting. Make sure she is on board with whatever you choose.

The benefit of these classes is that they often involve creating objects that create meaning. Everyone knows that their mom loves to hold on to a memorable object, and with this, you can create objects rather than buy some.

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4. Letters

Letters have a deeper meaning than just a simple text or call. Letters are something that you can take your time to write and deliver. It doesn’t have to be long; it just needs to get the point across of what she means to you.

Letters can be kept forever and stored, which makes them perfect for when she is feeling down or misses you.

5. Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a great way to compile the memories you make with her. Rather than conveying feelings, it focuses on telling stories of the past.

Putting together a scrapbook of your favorite moments is a great way to remind your mom of all the great times you have had together. It is a great way to make your mom feel special.

Learning How to Surprise Your Mom Is Important

Learning how to surprise your mom can help build upon a relationship that may seem strained as you get older. Moving out or away can lead to a feeling of separation for both of you. These can be a great way to reconnect and stay in each other’s minds.

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