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6 Important Tips You Need to Know About Owning a Swimming Pool

So, your dream is owning a swimming pool. To turn your backyard into a summer getaway with staycations, family fun and hanging out with friends. You have decided to excavate your backyard into an oasis, or perhaps you have bought a new home that has a pool. There are a few things you need to know about owning a swimming pool. Here is what awaits you once you install one.

1. Installation and Insurance Costs

How much you’ll spend on the construction of a new swimming pool will depend on the type of pool you choose and which Swimming Pool Company Atlanta (or whoever is local to you) you work with. In-ground pools are more expensive than above-ground pools. You should also review your home insurance policy to determine if it impacts your liability as a homeowner. You should check if your policy limits are sufficient in case someone is injured while using your pool or should cover loss damage of your pool.

2. Pool Maintenance Costs

Maintenance to keep the pool in optimal condition includes things like routinely testing the water and adding chemicals as needed, skimming the surface of the water, vacuuming the bottom; the cost of opening and closing the pool for the winter season among more. Other maintenance costs are for repairs and utilities like filters, pumps, heaters and lighting. Improper maintenance of these could take a toll on your electric bill, so it’s important to contact a service like A-Lumination Electric – pool & spa services to ensure all the electrics are running as they should be. A pool requires weekly testing and maintenance to keep your water sparkling and clear. Neglect this, and you’ll end up with green water!

3. Safety First

Having a pool cover is the first safety option to take. It will prevent children and pets from falling in it. It will protect your pool against the weight of snow and ice, and make opening the pool in the spring easier. This type of cover may cost more upfront but ends up paying for itself over time by keeping out debris and minimizing damage to the pool. The second safety option you need to consider is pool fencing, which you can get installed by a professional if you search “Pool Fencing Central Coast” or a similar term depending on your area. Fencing ensures nobody can access the pool when it’s closed, and also stops children and pets (and drunk adults) from falling into the water accidentally.

4. Pool Chores

It would be best if you had some time every other day to care for your pool. Filters need to be checked, skimmed for dirt and grime and emptied. You should continuously test your water’s PH and know what chemicals that need to be mixed in. There are also procedures regarding opening and closing the pool. If all of this seems overwhelming, you could also turn to Dallas pool service & pool cleaning experts (or those elsewhere more relevant) in order to have this handled for you. By using experts for your pool maintenance you’ll also have the assurance that each process is done properly, so you and your family can enjoy the pool to it’s fullest extent.

5. Increased Supervision

Having a pool in your backyard will invite a lot of friends to your house. Now that your home is now a popular destination, you will need to increase supervision around the pool area, especially if there are children involved.

6. Years of Fun for Everyone

Some people consider pools a luxury; others consider it a necessity. Either way, your family and friends will always enjoy hanging out and having fun in your backyard. You will have to do some work to clean and maintain it, but the enjoyment you will have in the end will be worth it. Plus, you will get to have some excellent cardiovascular workout, while relieving stress at the same time.