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How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Coming up with a New Year’s resolution is a great thing, but the hard part is sticking to it! 

In 2015, the majority of brits who made resolutions hadreportedly failed in the past, ever encountering a hurdle they couldn’t quite get over. This is certainly nothing to be sniggered at, as some resolutions can be rather serious. The importance of something is relative to each person’s opinion and values, and if a person wants to change something this badly, then it should be encouraged!

Therefore, here’s how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. 

Fill Voids

Quitting something cold turkey can be incredibly difficult, but the challenge increases greatly if you don’t replace the bad habit with something more worthwhile. 

For example, it’s commendable to quit smoking. However, if you don’t fill the void it leaves behind somehow, then that itching sensation to go back to the old ways becomes much more tempting. Therefore, you should consider an alternative pastime that you can spend your time on for a similar level of satisfaction. 

For example, you could take up vaping, and purchase flavoursome vape juice from myCigara. This will help you exchange your bad habit for a healthier alternative. This way, you’re also enjoying a variety of experiences and sensations, replacing smoking with something that can enrich your life in many ways and give you more enjoyment. In the end, when you have moved on to something better, you will be far less likely to look back on what you have lost. 

Keep iTo Yourself 

Many people like to proudly announce their resolutions, hoping to be spurred on by others or gain a bit of attention. 

While it can be nice to receive the encouragement of others, if you do so, you’re potentially undermining the whole reason for having a resolution in the first place. Your efforts need to come from you, and you alone! There is nobody to please in the resolution equation but yourself, and once you recognise that, much of the pressure to stay true to your promise can be greatly removed. 

A lot of people pat themselves on the back for having a resolution, with absolutely no intention of really putting the work in. It’s a show, and a way to get some quick applause or praise. Instead, subvert this and go down the route of self-dedication and strike a commitment with only yourself. Be your own biggest fan, and the best results will follow.  

Play it Cool 

If you have kept things on the downlow with your resolution, then you stand a far better chance of being forgiving to yourself. 

New Year’s resolutions should not be big black clouds that hang over your head. This would be overthinking what you’re doing, and while many people try to find ways to make it work in their favour, it’s equally as viable to just ignore any doubts you have swirling in your mind. Your resolution then becomes a true self-help scheme, instead of a side hustle of sorts that causes stress. 

If you have made a resolution to go to the gym once a week, but then you inevitably miss a week, don’t sweat it. The worst mistake you can make is abandoning your efforts after one slipup. If you have kept your resolution private, then you can be kind to yourself. Everyone has priorities, and bad luck can happen at the best of times. If you fail, keep being a tryer – that’s the only road to success!