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Fun with Friends

It’s finally Friday and your shift has ended, you perfected that project and you sent one last email. What better way to wind down from the working week than making plans with your friends? Here are a few fun things you can do with your friends.

Whatever Floats your Boat

You’ve heard the phrase “whatever floats your boat” right? Metaphorically, it means to do whatever takes your fancy. Or you could take the meaning literally! Float Your Boat is known for hosting the most popular boat parties in Ibiza. Whether you want a relaxing day out on a cruise, or a lively party while the sun sets, you’ll definitely make memories of a lifetime. They’ve got tickets for 2021, so what are you waiting for? Float Your Boat!

Movie Marathon

If you find comfort in staying at home, we’ve got plenty of things you can do. You could have a movie marathon on Netflix or Disney+. What’s better is you and your friends can now stream movies and shows on these platforms through Teleparty, so you don’t have to be at the same place. All you need is an account on the platforms, a stable internet connection and the Teleparty extension.

Spa Session

Sometimes all you need to rejuvenate is a soothing spa session. You can have a search on Google for the best spas nearby, or you could bring the spa to you. Just stock up on facemasks and finger food and you’re ready to go. 

Food Finds

Friends and food, what more could you ask for? For this one, either have a search of the best local restaurants and cafes, or find a recipe you want to try out. Whichever option you choose, you’ll have an amazing time trying new foods and catching up with your friends.

Games Galore

Who doesn’t love games? From board games, to video games, new games to classics, you’re guaranteed a great laugh on games night. Some favourites are Monopoly, Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever and Charades. Bring out your inner child.

As a curveball, how about some saucy fun with your friends? there are male strippers in Melbourne waiting to give you and your friends a wild time!