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Motivate Yourself to Get Fit Once and For All

Keeping fit can seem so easy when you’re young and single. This might be partly because you have a faster metabolism, making it easier to eat whatever you want. But it’s also because you have more time to be active, whether it’s hours at the gym, football with your mates, or going on regular weekend hikes. As you get older and start a family, that time to exercise disappears and you can find yourself struggling to stay fit (if you ever were in the first place). Maybe you’ve tried to get fit before but you never manage to stick to it. If you want to finally get fit, here are some things that could give you the push.

Set Goals

When you think about getting fit, what’s your main goal? If it’s a simple “be fitter”, it’s probably not specific enough. What does getting fit mean to you? Does it mean losing weight? Or perhaps it means being able to climb a few flights of stairs without getting out of breath? Goals are vital if you want to get fit because you need something that you can work towards. You should have a main goal, but you can also break that down into smaller objectives. Your big goal might be to lose 30 pounds, but you might also set goals to run a 5k or cycle to work for a month.

Don’t Do It Alone

Some people enjoy exercising alone. It can be a good time to get a moment to yourself and work on yourself while forgetting about other things. But being too much of a loner can be to your detriment if you’re trying to get fit. When you surround yourself with other people who are trying to get fit, it can motivate you to keep going when you start to flag. You might make a pact with your partner and kids that you’re going to move more, or promise a friend that you’ll go to the gym together. You can also consider joining a club for your activity of choice.

Take on a Big Challenge

A big challenge could be the push that you need to finally get fit. It can give you a deadline and a clear goal that you need to work towards. There are some excellent charity challenges that can be perfect for this purpose. You might decide to run a marathon, take on a tough hike or even swim the channel. There are so many challenges you can consider, both within the UK and elsewhere. It can help you to set up a timetable and get into a routine, plus put a bit of pressure on to meet your goals.

Find the Fun

There are so many ways to exercise and keep fit that there’s no point wasting time on activities that you don’t enjoy. Getting fit shouldn’t be a punishment, and if you’re not finding it fun, you should look for something that you find more enjoyable. Whether it’s walking, cycling, climbing or dancing, you can find something that works for you.

When you’re ready to get fit once and for all, commit yourself to a plan so that you can follow through on your goals.