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A Dog Owner’s Guide To Dealing With Canine Digestive Issues Naturally

Whether you are a seasoned pet parent or have just brought your first dog home, you need to go the extra mile with the animal’s care. Still, you cannot guarantee good health for them at all times. Canine digestive issues are the most common woes pet owners face. Most times, it happens because dogs gorge on anything they can find. 

Sometimes, your dog may suffer from an allergy or food intolerance, or there may be a more serious underlying issue like pancreatitis. While a vet visit is essential, it makes sense to look for natural remedies that you can implement with or without medication therapy, depending on the severity of the condition. Here are some ways you can address canine digestive issues naturally.

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Focus on a healing diet

Food is the best medicine, not only for humans but for animals as well. If you are careful enough to monitor the diet of your pet, it may not fall sick in the first place. However, there are some healing foods that you can feed to your dog when it has digestive issues. Vets recommend low-fat yet nutritious foods such as boiled chicken, unspiced starchy vegetables, and cooked rice for sick pets. 

Bone soup or broth offers nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that support the healing process and keeps the animal nourished. You can also feed bananas to the pet suffering from a minor stomach upset.

Seek alternative therapies

It is best to rely on alternative therapies for treating minor canine digestive issues because these are gentle on the gut and wouldn’t have any side effects. Herbs such as calendula flowers, goldenseal, and milk thistle do wonders for an irregular bowel movement. You can add them to food or feed herbal tea to the animal. Spices such as ginger, basil, and rosemary act as natural antibiotics and balance the gut bacteria. 

CBD oil is another wonderful remedy for dog digestion issues. You can even try Dog pancreatitis cbd treatment for this dangerous disease, apart from using it for common problems like nausea and diarrhea. You just have to seek guidance from your vet if you plan to use it as a complementary or alternative therapy.

Ensure proper hydration

Digestive issues, such as incontinence, diarrhea, and vomiting, can cause severe dehydration. Moreover, the energy levels of a sick animal take a dip, and it makes hydration all the more important for the pet. Even if the animal may seem to lose interest in food and water, make sure that it is hydrated all through the recovery phase.

You will not want it to gulp water because it can make the dog more nauseous. If the pet isn’t too enthusiastic about drink watering, offer it ice chips or cubes every couple of hours. The animal wouldn’t gulp on water yet get enough to keep its body replenished and energy levels up.

Helping your dog heal naturally is the best thing that you can do for it.  A holistic approach keeps the animal healthy and safe from the side effects of medicines.