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10 best cheap baby shower party favors that you can buy online

Hosting a baby shower is no simple and easy work; it does require a lot of creativity and attention to make the party a grand and imposing one. Lots of happiness and jubilation surrounds such a divine event and so are the trendy favors or gifts. Talking of favors/gifts, there is always a delight of bliss when we get products at a cheap and reasonable price. And for gatherings such as baby showers, you would want to offer your guests a gift that is attractive and fancy which you can get at a cheap rate.

10 best cheap baby shower party favors to buy online are listed below

Baby shower events are never complete without the exchange of beautiful gifts. So here we bring you the list of the 10 best cheap baby shower party favors, which will remain as an everlasting memory for your guests and which can bring an addition to their existing cute collection of favors and gifts. These cheap yet trendy gifts will cheer up your guests.

1.  Cheap water bottle labels


These bottle labels are cheap and can be customized as per your requirements and design. It is 100% waterproof and the size of the label is 2 tall and 8 wide. The label is of good quality packaging material and can add spectacle to dining events.

2. Customized Lip Balm


This cute box of lip- balm is not only affordable but also handy and practical. It contains a vanilla flavored lip balm inside the packaging. It can be customized too and being small, it offers a trendy and handy feature to serve as a favor for your guests.

3. Fill-able Lollipop Container


This white-colored lollipop-shaped molded plastic lollipop container can be a playful and attractive baby shower party favors. Its size is 43/4″ long, 21/2″ wide. These lollipop-shaped baby shower favors can be filled with a variety of sprinkles of your choice or any sweet treats of your choice.

4. Gold Champagne Bottle Container


This cute champagne shaped bottle is made apparently of acrylic and its size is 41/2″ x 15/8″. You can fill the bottle with sweets and candies. You can also customize the label as per your design. The top and bottom of this champagne-shaped bottle are coated in gold to impress the guests.

5. Blue Elephant Coasters


Another cheap favor is the elephant-shaped coasters. The size of the coaster is 4.5″ w x 3.8″ h, and it comes in a set of two. The cute-looking favor features blue and white polka-dotted ears with miniature sizes, making it perfect as impressive baby shower gifts for guests.

6. Pineapple Luggage Tags


This cute pineapple-shaped rubber-textured luggage tag is one of the most creative, trending, and cheap party favor. It is useful and handy while measuring approximately 2.75″w x 5″h x 0.23″d, i.e. small enough to impress the guests.

7. Unicorn Cookie Cutters


The unicorn-shaped cookie cutter can be one of the most convenient and useful favor for your guests. It comes in a cute box packaging, which also can be customized as per your own design. The cookie-cutter measures 3.25″ w x 3.2″ h x 1.25″ d while the box measures 3.25″ w x 3.2″ h x 1.25″ d.

8. Gold Mini Globe Candy Container


This mini globe container is also one among many creative favors to pamper your guests on a baby shower event. It can be filled with candies and sweets and add sparkle to the dining/study table. The mini golden globe candy container is made of robust plastic material.

9. Majestic Silver Metal Unicorn Bookmark


Get this cute metal unicorn bookmarking thing at a cheap rate for your baby shower occasion. It is unicorn-shaped and would be one useful gift for your party. It is glittery, thin, and a handy gift and holds exciting value wrapped inside a beautiful pastel color box.

10. Honey-Scented Soap Favors


Cute honeycomb-shaped scented soap can flatter your guests with its striking pattern and aroma. This gift can be customized with a label of your choice (free custom tags as per your needs). The yellow color adds an attractive gesture to the pocket-friendly mini soap.


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