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Top 11 Popular Fitness Gift Ideas for Women to Keep Them Motivated

Do you have a friend who needs motivation in their journey to stay healthy? Here are some great gifts for them!

Water Bottle

Did you know that a water bottle can double as an exercise tool? It’s a two in one gift! Pick a water bottle that is at least 500 mL, which is the minimum amount of water your friend will need for a workout. Best of all, a full water bottle can double as weights, so your friend can do bicep curls then drink up. Make sure it is easy to rinse and clean. 

Yoga Paws

Have you ever heard of these? They’re amazing! If your friend is into yoga but complains about losing the rhythm when she travels, these are right for her. Yoga paws go on both your hands and feet. They have thin rubber bottoms, and breathable cloth material that absorbs the sweat. Instead of palms and soles on a rubber mat, you give your hands and feet their own grip. Best of all, you can bring them anywhere!

Sweat Bands

You might think sweat bands are overrated or maybe a little bit classical, but they are more important than they look. Sweat bands on the wrist and on the forehead soak up sweat, keeping it from getting into the eyes and from soaking into the mats and gym equipment. It helps athletes keep their focus and workout without worrying or thinking about the amount of sweat they shed. Neon bands also help runners stay safe after sundown.

Quality Sports Bra

No woman can have too many quality sports bras. No matter what sport they play, from running to tennis, a woman will always need the support a sports bra can give. The sports bra is designed to wick moisture away from the skin, helping her feel fresh even after a long workout. Tighter, stretchy material provides a breathable, but full-support system for an athlete to finish any activity she puts her mind to. 

Gym Bag

Gym bag: accessory or necessity? Of course, it’s a necessity. You might think your friend has too many gym bags, but she probably doesn’t think so. Regular athletes usually pack a different bag for each sport, to keep the sports gear separate and give each bag space to cycle for cleaning. Pick a gym bag for your friend that’s easy to wash and wipe down, and big enough to carry gear and a change of clothes. 

Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup isn’t only for weddings and special days. It’s perfect even for everyday workouts. 

Start with primer. As long as you have primer, everything sticks. 

Foundation next! A very light cream foundation should do it. It won’t cake up and shouldn’t melt in weird streaks. 

Stain instead of powder. Lip and cheek stain are perfect, they stick to your skin without melting. It also tends to look much more natural than powders, which helps if you sweat.

Wireless Earbuds

Even most athletes don’t think of getting wireless earbuds for working out. Bluetooth and wireless have given themselves a historically bad reputation when it comes to movement and wireless connection. But now, with the current improvements on technology, you can easily get a good pair of wireless earbuds. Your friend can now turn up the volume on their workout. 

Fitness Tracker Watch

Why get a fitness tracker watch? Let us count the ways.

Keep motivated. Numbers are the best motivation we can have to keep going. As our stats get better, our motivation increases!

Manage your heart rate. As your stamina increases, your general heart rate as you exercise will begin to normalize. On the other hand, too quick of a heart rate can overheat your bodyor raise your blood pressure too high. A fitness tracker watch helps you exercise healthily. 

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are an excellent way to loosen and relax your muscles after a long workout. They are also easy to stash away, important if your friend doesn’t have that much living space or lives with several other people. The foam rollers can be used after stretching, to relax large muscles like calves and thighs. You can also use it for upper back muscles. 

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are perfect for a friend who likes to use different machines and weights for different exercises. As they are adjustable, your friend can adapt them for strength training, flexibility training, grip-focused push-ups, and a number of other exercises. Best of all, they can sit in a corner or a closet without interfering with general living space. Check out companies like fitdominium for buying gym equipment that can be used at home.

Balance Discs

Balance discs are a whole lot of fun for athletes of any age. With their non-slip bottoms and flexible material, they can be used for almost any exercise. Planks, especially, become so much easier when you have a stable base for your elbows and arms. With the non-slip base, your friend gets to work out safely and with less risk of injury, on any surface, and even without an exercise mat. 

Motivation is just one gift away!