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Ways for Detoxing from Screens as a Family: A Guide

It is safe to say that each of our screen time has increased exponentially due to the lockdowns we have experienced over the last year. With the current guidelines recommending that everyone remain at home once again, there is no surprise that people are turning to Zoom, Facetime, Netflix, and other dependable apps to kill some time and stay connected. While these are vital to many people and provide a lifeline to those experiencing loneliness, it is also important to remember to take time away and to detox from the screens every now and again.

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Whether you live alone or with your family, it is vital to look after your wellbeing during tough times like these. Taking some time away from the screens is an excellent way of doing so; it enables you to ground yourself and reconnect with your surroundings. If you are a parent who is looking for ways to keep the kids entertained without the use of screens, look no further! We have a list of suggestions below of things to try and must-have items to own when detoxing from the screens in the coming weeks. Grab yourself a well-earned cuppa and keep reading for more! 


These are certainly a favourite pastime of many over the years, particularly those of us who grew up before the technological age! With an increasing number of people purchasing puzzles throughout the numerous lockdowns, these are a great activity to do both as an individual and with someone else as well; perfect for keeping the kids entertained during the lockdown, and a must-have item when wanting to detox from the tv and gaming consoles! There are several different puzzles that you can purchase, including:

  • Jigsaws: These can come in all shapes and sizes and can be completed on a sunny or a rainy day. Whether you purchase one with hundreds – if not thousands – of pieces or opt for a slightly smaller, more age-appropriate one for the kids, these are a must-have for detoxing. Not to mention, you can even kill two birds with one stone and purchase a paint-your-own jigsaw puzzle! Get those creative juices flowing, and then concentrate on completing the puzzle afterwards; it sounds like an afternoon well spent to us. 
  • Mystery Puzzles: Become a detective in your own home with these games, perfect for those who see themselves as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes! While there are several available for adults, there are a number on the market suitable for children; an ideal, personalised gift for kids. When searching for gifts for a 7- or 8-year-old boy, these are a great suggestion, particularly when wanting to promote detoxing from screens in a time when we are relying on them more than ever. Mysterious Mail is an immersive detective puzzle for kids to try, with a series of letters arriving to help them crack the case! If you want to find out more about how you can purchase one of these gifts for curious kids, check out this website

Getting Creative

Allowing creativity to flow is an excellent way of killing some time and encouraging your children – and even yourself – to spend some time away from the screens. Like our previous suggestion about puzzles, there are several ways to be creative, no matter what the weather. 

  • Painting: A favourite pastime of children and adults alike, and one that can, for some, turn from a hobby into a job. With a range of different paints on the market, you can experiment with different colours and styles of painting, perfect for an afternoon inside on a rainy day! What’s more, you don’t just have to use paintbrushes for experimenting while painting with your children. Many people use potatoes as a stamp to allow their children to learn and understand the different shapes that exist. Both fun and educational, what more could you want? 
  • Clay or Playdough Figures: Another way of killing some time, and a must-have item in any household, whether wanting to detox from screens or not. Many of us have memories of spending hours on end creating little figures and scenes from Playdough over the years; this is certainly something that will distract your children from wanting to use the game console for hours on end! Encouraging your children to use their imaginations to create something is excellent, and you are even able to keep the figures that they have created; perfect if they are proud of what they have made. Playdough – and many other clays and plasticine – can be baked in the oven, enabling them to retain their shape and be kept as a keepsake going forward. 

Reading Books 

No matter your age, we are confident that you have gone through a phase of loving and collecting many books at some point or another. Reading to or with your children is an excellent way of detoxing from screens and allows you to spend some quality time with one another. What’s more, mainly if your children are at that developmental stage, it can enable you to work on their reading and phonetic skills. Again, something that is both educational and fun! To further make this activity fun for all, you could create an activity where you and your children create your own stories and draw the illustrations to go with them. Further to the clay and Playdough suggestion, these can also be kept as keepsakes for remembering these fun days that you have spent together and can be reminisced over in the future too! 

While these are but a few suggestions of what you can do, there are plenty more ideas out there too. It is essential to practice good mindfulness, both within lockdown and far beyond it. By ensuring that you and members of your family are taking regular breaks from screens, you allow yourself to relax and increase the productivity levels you are feeling. Not to mention, you will drastically reduce the tension that builds up in the neck and shoulders from using screens all the time.