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11 Ways You Can Donate To Charity

Another casualty of the COVID pandemic has been the charity sector. A report in The Guardian in 2020, there was a £10bn reduction in charitable donations. This, coupled with an increased need for their services, means that a number of great causes are facing bankruptcy.

There are many ways that you can show your support to charities and help them raise the much-needed funds. 

1. Leave a gift in a will 

Many people forget about charitable donations when it comes to making a will. Obviously, you want to provide for your family after you are gone. Even a small gift in a will can make a huge difference, especially if more people did it. 

To encourage people to do this, many charities team up with legal partners to provide free will writing services, on the condition that a sum of money is left to the charity. The cost of a will is waived or heavily discounted. 

2. Set up a regular donation 

Small, regular donations are the lifeblood of a lot of charities. You can contribute regularly for a few pounds per month. The cost to you is so little, it wouldn’t even buy you a coffee in most places, but it can mean the world to a charity. 

3. Donate your time and skills

There are other ways to help too. Volunteering your time to help coordinate fundraising efforts can assist the charity in getting their message out there and raise even more money. If you have certain skills that could be useful, such as graphic design, social media or video editing, then you can save the charity even more money. 

4. Complete a challenge

If a charity is particularly close to your heart, you might want to go the extra mile and participate in a challenge to raise money. Many people take part in half or full marathons, hikes, coffee mornings etc in order to raise sponsorship on behalf of their chosen charity. 

5. Sponsor someone else

If you aren’t participating in a challenge yourself, sponsor someone who is. The chances are they are raising money for a cause that has directly affected them or the family, and it will mean the world to them that you have contributed to their fundraising total. 

6. Promote good causes online

Social media is the ideal platform to share and promote a charity. Each post like and share will amplify their reach and attract potential donors. 

7. Give items to a charity shop 

You’re not just limited to giving the little things away, and anything can be donated to somebody else more in need of it, including cars! Charities like CarDonationCenters.org accept donations of cars to those less fortunate to help you turn their lives around, so if you’re in possession of a vehicle that you’re not quite sure what to do with, consider giving it away rather than selling it. 

8. Donate unwanted gifts

We all get the occasional gift that we know we’re never going to use. Instead of re-gifting it or throwing it away, why not donate it as a prize to a charity raffle. You might think that your unwanted aftershave or bottle of whisky isn’t a particularly big draw, but when it’s added together with the rest of the prizes, it will encourage people to spend their money for a good cause. 

9. Send charity cards

Many charities produce Christmas cards and birthday cards. Buying these and sending them instead of other, shop-bought cards, shows support. 

10. Look for charity partnerships when out shopping

When shopping at the supermarket, there are a lot of opportunities to support charity. Most stores have a food bank and animal shelter donation points in them. Though, really unhelpfully, they always put them at the exits, so you don’t remember they are there until it is too late. 

Every time you shop, put a few extra items in your trolley and drop them in the collection point. 

When it comes to products, buy fairtrade items or brands that have teamed up with charities. Often you’ll see some type of promotion that says for every item sold they’ll donate 20p to charity or similar. 

11. Encourage your employer to support a charity 

Many offices have an official charity that they support throughout the year. If yours doesn’t suggest it to your boss or HR. Not only is it a good thing to do but it can improve office morale and encourage employees to get involved in various fundraising activities. 

Final thoughts 

People need charities more than ever right now, and charities need our help to raise funds and provide a vital service. Finding ways to give, even if it’s only for small amounts all add up and can make a huge difference.