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Expected changes in slots in 2020

On initial inspection, you may think that slots haven’t changed that much over the past few years. While it is true that there hasn’t been a major overhaul like there was in the nineties when online slots were first introduced, there have been several changes and tweaks to slots recently. Graphically, slots have improved tremendously – play now at DreamJackpot.

There are much more fluid animations and sleeker graphics in today’s slots than slots from five years ago. With a greater number of slot titles available to players, there have been a recent shift into different styles of gameplay and skill. 2020 has been a tumultuous year for many, with the slot industry expected to make several changes. 

Why Will They Change? 

Change has always been a part of slot gaming. Ever since they were first introduced in the late nineteenth century, there were people looking for new and innovative ways to improve the design and gameplay. While slots have remained roughly the same since they were first invented, they have managed to stay relevant in the public consciousness by continuing to adapt to new technology. The mechanical slots became electric slots in the late sixties, meaning that slots could be mass produced in gambling hotspots such as Las Vegas. Slots were even some of the first gambling games to make the jump to online in the nineties. In 2020 and beyond, with so many new technologies and the changing ways people consume their personal media, slots will have to undergo change again. 


Playing habits and accessibility has already changed in 2020. With more people stuck at home than ever before, online slots have had to adapt to the bigger demand from users. Slots can currently be played from wherever and whenever players want but expect the way we can access online slots to change as the online slot community keeps growing. 


There may be a different currency used. Though online slots provide players with secure payment methods, they can still fall victim to hackers and online leaks. New currencies such as a cryptocurrency would help to make payment not only safer but much more efficient. Cryptocurrency is a type of currency which players can use, it is an anonymous service which lets players store their money or make payments securely through its decentralisation technology. As players won’t have to give their card details or even provide a name, this payment method is much safer than any current method. 


The platforms that we play slots on will change, with new VR technology becoming more available to consumers you can expect to see many more VR players. There may even be a push for cross platform slot games, these would be slots which could be played on things such as an Xbox or even a smart TV!

Final Thoughts 

With so many changes predicted to happen, there is no better time to be a fan of slots. Whether the future brings a brand new currency, cross platform slots or even something that no one could predict, online slots will be sure to adapt to these changes in the best way they can.