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Top video Slots to Try

The modern world of video slots is nothing short of stupendous, especially when you consider the fact that video slots were only invented back in the 80s. That means that their lifespan is no longer than four decades, however they have already become by far the most popular version of slot games for gamblers across the world. A huge amount of this is simply down to the fact that video slots now exist online, with online slots being outrageously popular in the 21st century.

And there is quite literally no wonder of that, because online video slots are packed with incredibly special features and a ludicrous amount of win-potential too – play now. Developers like Play N Go, NetEnt or Big Time Gaming have proven themselves extremely good at creating top tier video slot games, and the online gambling community has seemingly become obsessed with these great gambling games. Keep reading for some of the top video slots to try.


When NetEnt first launched when of their all time best performing online slots Starburst there was huge excitement throughout the online slot gambling community, mainly because Starburst was one of the first online slots to use HD and 3D graphics. The Scandinavian developer also proved their success at providing new innovations to the online slots world, debuting a cluster pay system that has since become incredibly popular. 

As soon as you play Starburst you will see exactly why it has become so popular, because this online slot combines an extremely smooth playing experience with top-tier graphics and a healthy does of bonus features too. It also has an above average RTP, which means that gamblers can expect to win more often than not on this extremely well regarded video slot from NetEnt. 

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix 

You don’t even have to be a particularly ardent online slot fan to have at least heard of the legendary slots series Rainbow Riches, which comes courtesy of the legendary developer Barcrest. These slots pretty much singlehandedly popularised the “luck of the Irish” slot theme, something that is massively popular across the online slots universe these days. 

Well, although most Rainbow Riches video slots are a huge amount of fun these days, there really is no beating Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix, mainly on account of its potential RTP of 99%! This is the case because Barcrest have decided to give gamblers the choice between all previous Rainbow Riches bonus features in Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix, which also makes for an extremely exciting reel spinning experience.  


Ancient Rome is perfect material for an online slot theme, something that Inspired Gaming have exploited to the max with their incredible online slot called Centurion. This is one of the best online slots to ever come out of the industry, especially considering its delightfully modern and HD take on online slot gambling. 

The best thing about Centurion is the fact that it has four bespoke bonus mini-games that allow for some of the best fun you can have in the online slots world. สมัคร สล็อต