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5 Best Outdoor Spring Activities for Families

Outdoor activities are the best way to stay healthy, active and spend some quality time with your family. And most of all, many of them are completely free, or at least, inexpensive. Since spring brings higher temperatures, more sunlight and better weather, it’s the perfect time to leave the screens inside and spend time in the fresh air. If you’re looking for some spring activities ideas, here are some that you can enjoy with your family and create lasting memories.

Taking a road trip

If the weather is still not perfect for hikes, you can still travel with your loved ones and enjoy the great outdoors. Road trips are a great idea for a budget-friendly family vacation since you can hit many different cities, go sightseeing and eating in various eateries without having to stay in expensive hotels. If you choose to travel near your home, you will not spend too much money on gas, but you’ll still get plenty of opportunities to explore nature, meet new people and watch the blooming foliage. Prepare a bunch of car games to play and pack a ball and a Frisbee for stops. 


Your garden has probably been quite neglected during the winter, so the spring is the best time to get the entire family outside to do some gardening. Younger kids can learn about plants and do some watering, older kids can even engage in pruning and fertilizing, while adults can handle more demanding tasks. Your kids will enjoy the feeling of being responsible for grown-up tasks while all of you spend a beautiful day outside.


For kids, camping is a huge adventure, so make sure to provide them with this experience. If you have all the necessary gear at hand (tents, sleeping gear and safety items) you’ll have safe, comfy and warm nights and days filled with outdoor adventures. Don’t leave home without a few OTF automatic knives that will come in handy for many tasks like cooking, making shelter and keeping the campground safe from intruders. If you show your older kids how to properly handle knives in nature, they will stay perfectly safe and learn a skill they will use for the rest of their lives. And don’t forget to pack a bunch of marshmallows for roasting! 

Bike riding

Since spring awakens both flora and fauna, you can turn an ordinary family bike ride into an educational nature-spotting event. Before you hop on your bikes, make a list of nature items to look for and see who can spot all the items the fastest. For example, you can spot feathers, bird nests, bees, daisies and butterflies. If your kids have phones, they can even take photos of their findings for proof. In the end, you’ll end up with a beautiful spring collage of photographs. 


The weather in spring is still not warm enough for swimming, but it doesn’t mean you can’t spend time on the water. If your kids love anything that has to do with lakes, rivers or sea, going on a sailboat might simply delight them. Gather your family friends and rent a big boat so you can spend the day cooking and playing games on board. The grownups will enjoy the relaxation, while the kids can have a ton of fun fishing, spotting boats and playing around. 

After the winter, spring is the perfect time to slow down, get a break from work and spend some time outside with your family. Since kids are on a break too, you can enjoy some family time without any pressure. Most of these spring activities above don’t require a lot of money or planning. As long as you’re creative, you can work with what you have and provide your kids with many spring days to remember.