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Are You Spending Too Much Time On Your Business?

Running a successful business requires putting in a lot of hours. However, it is possible to put in too much time. By focusing too much on your business, you could end up neglecting other important things in your life. Below are just a few signs that you may be spending too much time on your business – and how you can reduce this time.

Signs you’re spending too much time on your business

You may not be aware of just how much time you’re spending on your business. Below are just a few signs that you may want to back off a bit:

  • You spend more of your waking hours working than not working. This includes time spent travelling to and from work if you don’t work from home.
  • You’re sacrificing sleep. Perhaps you’re staying up late working or perhaps you’re getting up really early. Or maybe the stress is simply keeping you up at night. Either way, you shouldn’t be regularly losing sleep over work. 
  • Your personal relationships are suffering because of work. Your relationship with your partner may feel strained or you may feel that you have little time to spend with your kids. You may even have no time to visit family or socialise with friends. 
  • You have little free time for yourself. You may find that any time not working is spent cramming in family time or housework or life admin.
  • You feel like the level of work isn’t worth the reward. It could be worth calculating your income and the hours you put in to see what you’re really earning per hour. Alternatively, you may be earning enough, but you may find that you get no personal reward from it.

How to spend less time on your business

If you think your business may be consuming too much of your time, it could be worth considering some of these measures to help cut down your time at work.

Hire a helping hand

Outsourcing help could be necessary if your business is taking up too much of your time, or you are lacking the expertise needed for managing a particular aspect of the business. For instance, you could take advantage of it managed services and support offered by an outside company to integrate relevant technology that you are unsure of. You may also wish to consider outsourcing tasks like accounting – this site can help you to find out more about accountants and how they can help you. Other tasks worth outsourcing could include marketing, answering the phone, or cleaning.

Alternatively, if you run a solo business, it may be time to hire your first employee. While an employee is a big extra expense, it could give you the breathing space you need. Taking on more employees could also allow you to take on more work – and take in more money.

Adopt efficient technology

Better technology could help to speed up work so that you get tasks done faster. There could be software available that can automate tasks for you or machinery that speed up manual labour tasks. This does mean spending extra money, but it could be worth the time saved each day.

Organize your workspace

You should consider whether there may be a more efficient way of organizing your workspace. This could include organizing the layout office or even simply organizing the files on your computer. Make sure that everything is in easy reach – you shouldn’t be wasting time hunting for passwords or documents or tools. 

Learn to prioritize and say no

If you’re a perfectionist, you could find that this is causing you to work a lot more slowly. It may be time to learn how to prioritize – decide which tasks are most pressing and get these done first. Don’t let the details consume you.

Similarly be prepared to say no to extra work or favours. Many of us work too much because we say ‘yes’ too much. There are times when you simply cannot go above and beyond for clients.

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