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Dos and don’t for decorating your home

Redecorating your home can be exciting and daunting in equal measures, whether you’ve just moved into a new house and you’re wanting to put your own stamp on it or if you are updating some rooms in your current abode to give it a new look and splash of colour. We’ve put together a guide to some key things to consider before you embark on your redecorating project:

Do test your colours on a large area

Test the paint colours by painting a large sample on your wall so you can see how it really looks before you commit to painting the whole room in that shade. Doing one small test patch is not nearly enough to see how the colour will make the room feel or to decide if it’s too light or too dark for the space, painting a sample that’s about a metre squared will give a real feel for how it’ll go in that space. If you can test on multiple walls even better!

Don’t go furniture shopping before you’ve planned out the room

Shopping for new furnishings can be exciting. It’s fine to get an idea of what’s available in the local furniture shop but don’t commit to buying that comfy corner sofa or that 8 seater dining table before you’ve measured and planned out the room. Imagine it gets delivered and once assembled you realise you can’t get past the table to get into the kitchen or the sofa doesn’t fit the corner you had planned for it and it’s just in the way. Good planning means that when its time to pick furniture you can eliminate bad choices and focus on what will work best for your space. 

Do consider hiring a skip 

Decorating a room cluttered room covered in old furnishing you don’t want to keep isn’t ideal. Have you thought about all the mess the old wallpaper or paint will make when you strip it back? Or where you’ll put that 80’s style carpet once you’ve pulled it up? Hire a skip from a reputable supplier such as skip hire Liverpool when decorating one or more rooms, It will save you multiple trips to the tip and avoid overloading your domestic bins if you do this you run the risk of them not being collected or extra charges from the council for overfilled bins. With a skip, all that rubbish can go straight outside as you go, giving you clean and clear space to get to work. And when you are done, the skip hire company will take all your rubbish away for you – Perfect!

Don’t DIY everything

Sure you are a dab hand with a paintbrush, but what about installing one of these Glass Splashbacks in the kitchen or replacing the subway tiles in the bathroom? It’s tempting to jump on the DIY bandwagon but if you have no idea what you’re doing you could end up paying twice when you have to hire an expert to finish the job. Or worse having to live with a bodge job if you can’t afford to put it right. Stick to DIY on the areas you are comfortable with. Budget to employ an expert for more complicated tasks.

In conclusion, decorating your home is fun and exciting but planning everything from budgeting a professional to hiring a skip for the rubbish to what size furniture would best fit the space will make things go a whole lot smoother and leave you with the awesome new look you were looking for.