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How to buy a Family car

Do you need a family car at short notice? Maybe your old one has recently broken down or you just feel like a change of beehive would improve your family’s quality of life quality. There are several ways to invest in a new family car, but if you’re buying from a used dealership there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Make a Budget

The first thing to arrange when going to buy a family car from JJ Premium is your budget. This is the money you are willing to pay with for a vehicle that fits your criteria. Remember that negotiating is also a part of buying a used car, so factor that in. 

Normally family cars are more expensive than cars for commuting or two seaters. They are normally larger and in size and seating and offer more functionality. Expect to spend more on an estate or SUV for family purposes.  

Check the Seating

The seating in your family car is very important. You need a seat for everyone with plenty of legroom and headroom. This is something you need to check for when you go to the forecourt or auction site. Don’t be afraid to test it for yourself. 

It’s also a good idea to invest in a vehicle that has some extra seats, or one an estate or SUV with fold down seats at the back. The extra seat is for any additional family members and the folding seats are excellent for transporting large items. 

Check the Interior

The interior of the car may not be your first priority when buying one on the forecourt. As long as the mileage is low and the seating is adequate, the actual interior design shouldn’t matter very much. This is partly true, but it can make a difference. 

Usually a car’s interior is made from plastic. This plastic can be angular or smooth. The angular kind tends to clog up with grime and dirt, especially if you have kids in the back. If the interior is smooth it doesn’t pick up dirt so much and cleans more easily. 

Know the Functionality

The functionality or the car, that is the infotainment system and the smartphone integration, might not seem like a priority either. Remember that a family car is a busy place. You will often be in and out of it and driving long distances. 

If you have an infotainment system that provides back entertainment it can leave you free to get on with the errands and tasks. If you have a hands free smartphone integration  too, it makes it easier and safer to communicate and plan journeys. 

Age of Vehicle

Not surprisingly the age of the vehicle is important when buying from a used marketplace. Normally a higher mileage vehicle will mean a lower upfront cost. However, the chances of parts needing replaced soon is high. 

If you want to sidestep some of the issues associated with buying a used car and invest in the future for the sake of the planet and your family, why not consider leasing an electric vehicle instead.