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How to Choose the Best car for Your Family

Maybe your car is on its last legs or you think it’s about time to upgrade your family car to a newer model. You might even be buying a family car for the first time and be unsure what to look out for. In this article we will dive into the best practices for selecting a family car that will protect your loved ones and run reliably.


When you head down to your local car dealership or auction site you need to know what you’re getting into. Without some prior research you might end up buying a car that costs you more than you expect in the medium term. 

First identify the type of car you want from Car Synergy. A larger car with many seats, such as an estate or SUV is recommended. These are roomy and reliable vehicles that also offer extra protection on the road. Know your budget when you go down and be ready to negotiate  


Obviously, the seating arrangements in your family vehicle are very important. You don’t want to have too few seats, or seats that are too small.  Most family cars allow for five people to sit comfortably in the vehicle but you may need some extra for additional family members. 

A standard saloon car might give you enough seating option initially, but a larger vehicle like an estate or SUV is probably a better option. These vehicles can have up to seven seats with the additional benefit of fold down seats for transporting large items. 


The size and cost of your family car may be the two main deciding factors but there are other things to consider. The functionality of the vehicle, meaning the infotainment system, the smartphone connectivity, and the soundsystem, can make a big difference to your family’s driving experience. 

When you’re busy with young children you want less to think about when travelling. Good functionality allows you to login automatically to your vehicle and switch on the sat nav hands free. It also allows you to entertain the kids in the back while you drive.


Once again the cleaning of the vehicle may not be a deal breaker for you on the forecourt but it’s a significant factor that can take a little stress out of your life. If you have kids you’ll know how hard it is to keep your home clean, and a car is no different. 

Check the interior of the vehicle to see what kind of design it has. Can you see areas where grime is likely to build up and be hard to clean. A difficult to clean interior will lead to more time and expense cleaning the car regularly. Instead opt for a vehicle with smooth easy to clean surfaces. 


Cars need maintenance. Especially gas powered cars that have a lot of working components. These vehicles need servicing regularly which mounts up. Check the mileage on the vehicle and calculate how much it’s likely to cost you in the short to medium term. 

One modern alternative to a gas powered vehicle with high running costs is an electric vehicle or EV. The infrastructure for this is getting better and the running costs are very low. If you think an EV is too costly to buy, consider leasing one instead.