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Common Signs that Your Boiler Needs Attention

Your boiler is an integral part of your home and you rely on it to live comfortably. You need it to make sure the water temperature is right for your baths and showers, and to keep your home nice and warm during the winter months. It also comes in handy when you need to wash the dishes! You might not think much about it when you’re going about these daily routines, but you must pay attention to your boiler, especially when it is showing signs of damage. Below are some examples of the most common indicators that your boiler needs looking at.

You’re Getting Hot Water, But Your Radiators Aren’t Heating Up

Being able to get hot water is great as this still allows you to bathe and do the washing up with ease, but if your radiators aren’t heating up this is an issue. If you have your heating on a timer and it fails to come on when scheduled, double-check that you haven’t accidentally switched the settings or that you’ve forgotten to set the timer full stop. If this hasn’t been down to human error, then you need to investigate further. You may need to increase the pressure in your boiler, which you can do by yourself provided you know where the right valves are (there are videos online to guide you). Alternatively, if you’re not confident enough to do this or this isn’t the problem, contact a professional to help such as this heating engineer stafford.

There is No Hot Water at All

One of the most common problems people have with their boilers is that there is no hot water at all. This can be very inconvenient, so if you’re having issues with this you should get your boiler looked at as soon as possible. It might be a lack of power reaching your boiler, or there could be a range of other issues. As pointed out by Heatable.co.uk, usually, boilers will display an error code if there is a problem, so if you notice this, look up the code in your user guide or check the manufacturer’s codes online.

You Keep Hearing Concerning Noises

Many appliances might make odd noises on occasion, and more often than not it’s nothing to be too concerned about. However, if you’re boiler starts making loud clanging noises, whistling, gurgling or groaning you should start to worry, especially if this is happening frequently. This is a sign that there is some kind of fault with your boiler and you will need an engineer to come and inspect it.

It Keeps Cutting Out

If your boiler keeps switching itself off this is another common sign that there is a problem, not to mention that it will be very irritating for you. It’s likely that this is caused by low water pressure (which you should be able to fix yourself), that there is air in the system, a build-up of sludge, or perhaps even a fault with the thermostat. Some of these issues you can fix yourself, but again, if you’re not sure what to do, call a professional to help to avoid making the problem worse.

Problems can and will occur with boilers occasionally, but a good way to avoid this happening too often is to have it serviced annually, and don’t ignore the signs that there could be an issue developing.