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Make his birthday special with these 5 unique gift ideas

what will surprise him the most. Remember when he was a kid you used to give him the latest toys. But now, when he has grown up, and you can’t give him toys anymore, here starts the confusion about the things you can choose to present him.

But don’t worry. We have come up with unique gift ideas that will fascinate your child. We’re sure after being showered with these items. He will automatically say that you’re the coolest. So, let’s see. 


If your young boy is a passionate gamer, then what would be better than a PlayStation. All the gamers know that the latest ps5 was released on November 12, 2020. We don’t need to explain its features to you, your boy must know about it better than us. 

If he still couldn’t buy it. Don’t delay and make his wish come true and give him this incredible gaming machine. His excitement will be on the next level for sure.

Vape pens  

Does your boy love puffing? If yes, then why not hand him a vape pen as his birthday present. Research has shown that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. You can check vape pens canada to know more about this. You can find some more benefits below.

  • Vaping produces no noxious odors. It will keep your house’s environment clean.
  • It will control your child’s nicotine intake. The e-juices used in vape pens are available nicotine-free with different flavors.
  • It provides instant satisfaction, so if your boy does over smoke, it will suppress his cravings instantly. 

Now when you know why vape pens are better than those traditional cigarettes, your boy might be smoking. It’s the best time to replace the cigarettes with it.  

Personalized accessories 

Remember the memories when your all-grown boy was a kid back then? So why not surprise him with a set of personalized accessories. 

A personalized set of accessories will represent your love for him. You can get his name engraved on a pendant, key chain, wine glasses, or a watch. You can even get a set of personalized messages on various accessories and can express how much he means to you. 

Beer Subscription 

When we become adults, we want to experience everything in our lives, right? Your son must have the same desire too. Even they say ‘live life fully and experience everything.’ So, here comes the idea. You can amaze your son with the yearly beer subscription. 

Let us explain what a beer subscription is. The service providers will ship a box of various flavored brews to your home every month. The box consists of beer taster packs, newsletters describing the selections, information on the flavors, fun facts, and more. Isn’t it exciting? Your boy will enjoy this surprise every month and will thank you after every box he will get. 

Wrapping up

Aren’t these some of the most unique and cool ideas? Your child has grown up. Give him the love he craves, and give him the presents he will like. The gifts are the precious threads of love that knot the bonds. Choose one of the above given unique presents and surprise your lovable boy.