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Possible Side Effects of Botox

It is quite a simple thing to say that we need to grow old gracefully or age like a fine wine. But when you see lines and wrinkles all over your face and neck you question your own beliefs. That is when they toss everything apart and go for a Botox treatment reducing those signs of aging like magic.

It is true that the Botox injections work like a magic wand in your skin, reducing the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.Apart from that they are also helpful in reducing cervical dystonia, heavy sweating along with lazy eyes and more.The element that is used in those injections is the onabotulinumtoxinA that temporarily prevents the muscles from having any movement.In other words, it paralyses your skin muscles temporarily. 

While it may be a blessing for some people, it is a legit curse for some harming their skin muscles.Here are some of the reasons that one might think twice or even thousands of times before making their way to get Botox. 

Botox is said to be safe when performed through an experienced doctor with adequate knowledge of the process but still there are some of the side effects that can occur during or post treatment.

  • Pain, bruises along with swelling of the face
  • migraine and flu symptoms
  • cockeyed eyebrows with droopy eyes
    drooling and bad smiling
  • tearing of eyes of dryness 

The Botox injections are mainly certain types of toxins that are used to paralyse your muscles due to which these types occur really commonly. Sometimes the side effects get really bad swelling your facial muscles and freezing them for days. 

The toxins have very less possibility to spread throughout your body but sometimes it might leak into your body parts through veins and blood vessels.This sometimes takes time and the patients can get lower to higher risk of many side effects that can be harmful. Such as:-

  • weakness in the muscles with pain and tightness
  • problem with a proper vision and eyesight
  • it also prevents the patients from swallowing or even eating any kind of solid food
    the patients might also come across with difficulty in breathing
  • one loses his or her control over their bladder system 

There are many clauses and restrictions that come with having a Botox injection to look younger.The doctors who are highly qualified to carry out the procedure tend to deny it to the people with certain issues and conditions mainly the pregnant and breast-feeding woman.As the toxins present in the injection solution might cause harm to the child leading to miscarriage or poisoning. 

Botox can take your life if it is handled unprofessionally!Yes, the process of injecting Botox is a tricky process and should be done precisely with the help of a qualified doctor.But before going on with these toxin injections in your skin muscles to get younger, read and get acknowledged about the process through various Botox reviews and facts for a safer procedure.