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Is Kitten Food Necessary? Tips for What, When and How Much to Feed Your Kitten

Congratulations, you’ve just brought your new kitten home! Is there anything more exciting? Kittens are the most adorable little livewires, and you’re certainly going to have your hands full! Although owning a new kitten isn’t quite on the scale of beginning life with a newborn baby, it can still feel overwhelming- especially if you’ve never looked after a kitten before. 

Making sure your kitten is getting enough food and drink is very important, and it can cause new cat owners to worry about if they’re doing things the right way. Do kittens have to be encouraged to eat, or will they just eat whenever they’rehungry? Should they be eating mostly wet food, or dry? Is kitten food really necessary?

Your head can quickly get into a spin with all the questions that are likely to be going through your mind. Take a look at the tips below to see what, when and how much you should be feeding your kitten: 

Kitten Food vs Adult Food

Kitten food is often much pricier than adult cat food, and if you’re just popping to your corner shop, you may find that there is only adult food available. Which leads to the question: can I feed my kitten adult food? The short answer is yes, but you shouldn’t get into a habit of doing so. While adult food won’t cause any damage to a kitten’s digestive system, it often lacks the essential nutrients that a kitten needs to grow and develop properly. 

Kitten food is specially formulated with high levels of protein, as well as essential vitamins and minerals which help with proper growth and immune system support. If your local shop doesn’t supply a good range of cat food, then online pet shops like Time for Paws Website offer a great selection of pet food, so you can be sure that your kitten is eating the best possible diet. Why not pick up some other pet supplies while you’re at it? The site offers a selection of products to suit your new kitty, so you can find them the perfect treats.

You also need to think about which litter you are going to use too! There are many great litter options for your cat, including clay-based litter, natural wood pellet litter, and biodegradable plant-based litter. Each type of litter has its own unique benefits, so it’s important to consider your cat’s preferences and needs when choosing the best litter for your furry friend.

Feeding Time

Kittens are growing rapidly for the first year of their life, with their weight doubling within just the first few weeks. They’re also full of energy- meaning that they quickly burn off calories. With this in mind, it’s best to space your kitten’s meals out throughout the day, and be sure to leave out a bowl of dry biscuits so that there’s always something to snack on.

Kittens might be small but their survival instincts are pretty great- so they will always let you know when they are hungry! As long as they’re not visibly losing any weight, then you’re free to leave your kitten to intuitively eat throughout the day. 


The more sources of water you have available for your kitten, the better. Ideally, you should place two or three water bowls around your house, away from their food bowl and litter tray. If your kitten eats a lot of wet food, then you might not see them drinking much- but don’t panic! Wet food is a great option for kittens as you can be sure that they are getting a healthy intake of water. If you want to encourage your kitten to more water, then you could consider getting a water fountain.