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Out of this world sleep experience with Tempur

Sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of life and without it, we just can’t function properly. I remember various times during my life where I’ve not had much sleep and you really do feel it. Having three kids, we’ve had our fair share of sleepless nights but thankfully we are mostly over that now with our youngest being 3 years old!

On average we spend a third of our lives asleep so it’s super important to make sure you are geared up to sleep well. Sleep has always fascinated us as human beings and there have been countless studies and research pieces around this mysterious realm. As many people are, I am very particular about my pillows and I do struggle to sleep in unfamiliar places due to being so used to my own setup.

Sleep is a complex process and it allows the brain to recover and regenerate. During sleep, our brain will consolidate memory and process information, enabling us to learn and function effectively during the day. On average, an adult in the UK manages to get 6.66 hours of sleep but the sleep foundation recommend adults should get between 7-9 hours of sleep per per night. Of course, young children and babies should be getting a lot more in order to develop and grow!

I’ve teamed up with TEMPUR to discuss ‘out of this world’ sleep experiences and the benefit of their unique material that allows people to sleep better, deeper and longer! Their mattress material is complex but put simply – weight and pressure is distributed evenly in order to provide complete comfort and support for your body. The results are less tossing and turning, leading to a better nights sleep!

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Amazing Sleep

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of sleepless night but I have also had plenty of amazing sleep experiences! One I can think of is when we went to Hoar Cross Hall Spa and stayed overnight. The room was pure luxury and the bed was amazing!

As part of my bedtime routine, I try not to go on any sort of electrical device as that tends to help me drift off quicker. If I’m very lucky, my wife will give me a massage and I always seem to fall asleep much easier as a result!

I currently have two pillows and I’ve become to accustomed to them so I was a little bit apprehensive to try out a new pillow from TEMPUR. However, after reading about the material that TEMPUR use, I was super excited to give it a go!

Late in 1970, NASA scientists created a very unique material which was later given the name – memory foam. It was initially used for absorbing g-force pressure during space flight but it was soon realised that this material provides unrivalled support and comfort!

They spent years and years perfecting the original invention and is now known as TEMPUR material.

There simply isn’t any other material like this on the planet. It’s viscoelastic which means it’s both fluid and spring-like, and this is a result of billions of ultra-sensitive cells that exist between a solid and liquid state!

After understanding exactly what goes into each pillow, it’s safe to say, I was ready to give it a go!

I was gifted a TEMPUR pillow to see first hand how their unique material would help me sleep better.

As I’ve already mentioned, I was apprehensive after getting so used to my own pillows but from the moment my head hit the pillow for the first time, I was sold!

The pillow moulded to the way I was lying and my head just sank into the luxurious material. I am finding that it’s now easier for me to drop off (I’ve always struggled to drop off and often find myself lying in bed awake when my wife is fast asleep) so I am super impressed!

I’m so impressed that I’m actually thinking about also purchasing a mattress to accompany my pillow!

If your struggling to get the recommended amount of sleep, I would definitely suggest exploring TEMPUR …… you will NOT be disappointed!

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This post is in conjunction with TEMPUR® but all thoughts are my own.