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Pheromones and Other Ways to Attract the Girls

When it comes to physical attraction it might seem an individual thing but there is much you can do to sway the odds in your direction. For instance, have you ever tried pheromone perfumes to see what effect they might have? This article explores them along with other approaches that can be used when dating. To seek out this advanced type of perfume, it is as easy as looking up companies such as Feramones online.


Why buy just an ordinary perfume when you can consider a product that contains pheromones? An extra dose contained within a perfume can enhance the dating experience no end.

Naturally secreted, a pheromone will trigger a social response in those of the same species. The same species but also the opposite sex. While outside the body these pheromones will act like hormones and change how another individual reacts to you. It is known that pheromones create physical attraction between two human beings. They have the potential to turn a date into so much more. If you struggle with dating, then let pheromones become your helping hand. If you follow the above link you will find some exciting news with regards to a product available.


As with everything, you should look the part when going on a date. There is nothing wrong with dressing to impress. You both will expect it from each other. It will show that you have made the effort to please the other person. Wearing attractive clothing can create a physical attraction just like pheromones do. So, to have them both working in harmony will certainly be steering your date in the right direction. The purpose of a date, of course, to end up with another date the following week or to mutually take things a step further than the restaurant.


There is nothing the opposite sex likes more than to be given a compliment. Tell your female mate that her dress tones perfectly with her complexion. Let her know that you are enjoying yourself in her company and so want to see more of her. In terms of seeing her more often that is. Sometimes it is not good to be too forward with these things. You need to assess carefully whether someone is ready for the next step before taking any giant leaps for mankind. Avoid cheesy chat-up lines that were never likely to impress. You should not pretend to be something that you are not either, such as making details up about your occupation. This will not in the long-term impress. Instead, be honest about yourself as you would expect your opposite number to be about herself. You are bound to find at least one common interest just out of pure coincidence. Then, of course, you can be comfortable in knowing that whatever you say, your pheromone secret should be working in the background.

Choice of Menu

Think about choosing aphrodisiacs from off the menu. These kinds of foods are known to increase sexual desire if that is what you are looking for from a date.

Foods in the aphrodisiac category include oysters, asparagus, artichokes, spicy chili peppers, figs, strawberries, and watermelons. Chocolate can also be added to the list and can either be a dessert choice or something that you have bought for your date as a gift. There is enough of a choice here for you to have selected something to appeal, for either starter, main, or dessert. Yes, there is nothing like treating your date to a three-course meal rather than just a snack to make them feel special. So, if you are taking someone out for the evening, make time for the food by arranging to meet them early evening. Then, who knows what might happen later.

Appear Useful

Offer to carry things for your date. Not your date’s handbag perhaps, that might seem a little odd. Offering to carry her coat, for instance, would be a nice gesture and one that shows you to be a thoughtful kind of person. This opportunity might occur, for instance, if it ends up warmer outside than anyone expected. Also, you could offer to carry your date’s shoes if her feet are feeling tired on a summer evening and she just wants to be free of them. It is better than her wanting to be free of you. Also, it might be a test to see how you will react to her doing it. To assess how easily you get embarrassed and to work out how masterful you are. Take things a step further and shine a torch that you just happen to have along her pathway so that she knows where it is best to walk. Who could not find that romantic?

In summary, we can attract a female mate as humans by using perfume products that contain pheromones, making an effort when it comes to our appearance, and offering compliments in all the right places. Also, we can consider our menu choices carefully, perhaps making suggestions to our dating partner, and also appear useful at all times during the date. To get off on the right foot, in the beginning, is important on a date, then to continue it equally so if we are to make a lasting impression. Wearing pheromones can be your hidden secret.