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Why Holiday Homes Are Basically Dream Homes

Holiday homes are incredibly versatile. They provide occupants with so much space, style, and comfort. It’s probably why they are often called dream homes. Holiday homes like Great House Barbados can also provide you with plenty of privacy and seclusion from the rest of the world. A little slice of heaven, which you can call your own. However, not every single holiday home is the same and some of them don’t always tick all the right boxes. So it’s vital that you know what you’re paying for and what is worth paying for in the first place. We will run down some of the things you should be demanding.

A privacy garage

Some holiday homes were or are still attached to a wider community. They have often converted condos which have been conjoined to make a larger property. The condo complex has also been converted into a gated community with its own security and seclusion in a wider neighborhood. However, this is no excuse for not having your own garage. If you are only offered a privacy driveway or a parking space, you should walk away. It all depends on the price tag as well but for a dream home, a private garage is a must. 

The financing

Dream homes don’t come cheap. Many of them will require a new mortgage which is why you should visit www.holidaycottagemortgages.co.uk if you are interested in owning your own cottage. They will put you through a financial stress test which will show them and you, if you are capable of making the payments required. They will inform you of what you need to do to design and structure your finances to help them get you on board.

However an alternative method is to own the property in a co-ownership. This gives the mortgage or cottage company a lot of security. You won’t own the property fully until you have made the full loan payment but you still get to use it and potentially, change it in some way; i.e. construction plans.

Features to die for

Having a swimming pool is high up on the list of features that most of us would want from a dream home. However sometimes it all depends on the location. For example, if your ideal holiday home is in a hot climate, then a pool might be out of the question. Instead you could go for an indoor pool or jacuzzi. Another feature is to have a lounge area, such as a drawing or smoking room. This large expansive space is perfect for hosting, entertaining and relaxing. You may also want to have an entertainment room such as a home cinema or video game space. A nice conservatory or patio space with a dining area is also something you would want.

Holiday homes are fantastic for privacy, space and enjoyment. These are some of the things you should demand from the agent you work with, and get your finances in order before you decide to buy.