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5 Practical Space-Saving Redecoration Ideas For Your Child’s Bedroom This Lockdown

The COVID-19 lockdown has put people’s jobs on hold all over the country, and many of us have been left with a lot more time on our hands. If you’re in the mood for decorating, then why not treat your child to a room makeover?

This lockdown has probably been hard on your child too, since they’ve not been able to see their friends and have probably spent an enormous amount of time sitting indoors. So if there’s ever a time they deserve to be treated to a bedroom redecoration, we’d say it’s now!

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If your child’s room is pretty small, then it can be hard to know how best to decorate it without the room appearing cluttered. Here are 5 practical space-saving redecoration ideas to give you some inspiration:

1. A Built-In Desk

Instead of putting the wardrobe in the corner of your child’s room, why not leave space for a small desk that can be tucked neatly between the wardrobe and the wall? Your built-in wardrobe can continue over the top of desk, so long as there is enough space for your child to comfortably sit and write in. 

If you’re really big on saving space, then you could even purchase a foldable chair that can be tucked down the side of the wardrobe when not in use.

2. A High-Rise Bed

High rise beds are essentially bunk beds without the bottom bunk. Instead, there’s space left over for whatever you want to fit underneath there. You could fill the space with a desk, achest of drawers, or a squashy beanbag or two- the choice is yours! 

If you’re in search of a children’s high-rise bed but aren’t sure where best to look, then check out this website. Bed Kingdom offer a range of different mid and high-sleepers to suit your child’s room at a range of different prices. Some have the bonus of coming with an in-built desk, while others leave you with an empty space that’s perfect for fitting some of your own furniture under.

3. A Peg Rail Above The Bed

When floor space is limited, take to the walls. Installing a peg rail above the bed (or underneath, if you have a high-rise bed) is a great way to save space and keep your children’s coats, jackets, and other hangable items organised.

4. Floating Shelves

Similar to the peg rail, floating shelves help save floor space that would otherwise be taken up by a bookshelf. You can use the shelves to store ornaments, books, trophies or any other memorabilia that you would find on a bookshelf.

The great thing about floating shelves is that you’re not necessarily limited to how many you can put up. If your wall space is generous, then why not install four or five shelves?

5. A Bed With Built-In Storage

Another great space-saving option is to buy a bed with built-in storage underneath. This is a really handy space for storing your children’s books, toys, or extensive DVD collection, with an added bonus of not looking like an eyesore.