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8 Reasons Why You Should Switch From an Urban Environment to Mountain Biking

Many who find themselves interested in biking are the type of people who are not content with the status quo. For those biking in urban areas and maybe finding that themselves ready for a different kind of challenge, mountain biking offers some unique differences. Below are some of the most noteworthy reasons to consider getting yourself an enduro bike and moving your next ride out of the city.

1.Get Face to Face With Nature 

One of the most obvious advantages to mountain biking is the opportunity to take the love of riding and add in the chance to experience nature up close. Be sure to bring your goggles for mountain biking as nature can hit you in the face…literally.

2. Less Traffic 

There’s a lot less traffic when cruising the trails. Notice that there’s no claim for no traffic, only less. The traffic mountain bikers with mountain bikes for big and tall guys face typically will come from other bikers or perhaps the wildlife. There’s a fantastic feeling of freedom that comes with not constantly watching for moving vehicles around you.

3. Navigate Terrain

Mountain biking will allow practicing the hand-eye coordination of having your head in the game of watching what’s going on the path ahead and making on-the-spot decisions to most effectively traverse the terrain.

4. Better Workout

Most urban areas will offer a biker a relatively level arena. Mountain biking not only anticipates but delights in taking on dips, hills, and winding paths. As you tackle those varying terrain, you’ll be moving naturally between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Much more so than if your workout remained on a level field.

5. Push Your Skills

Mountain biking allows a perfect opportunity to use all the available gears and braking options. It forces the rider to gain a higher degree of control over the bike as the ground may present more unstable surfaces than the asphalt and concrete surfaces of the urban ride.

6. Ride In The Dark

Urban areas are never entirely without light. Mountain biking is the only authentic way to experience this unique type of ride. When riding on the trails, you’ll have only the light of your handlebars to illuminate the path ahead of you. The thrill of being only able to see a short distance is like no other.

7. Bring The Family

The level of attention required to maneuver around a busy urban path makes it very difficult to share the love of this sport with younger members of the family. Outside of the city, the trails are much more forgiving to young riders, and the consequences of an accident are much less severe.

8. Stress Relief

Biking in an urban area requires a heightened state of alert. The rider must be fully engaged with the surroundings to be sure that they are effectively avoiding any potential accidents. With so much energy invested in defensive driving, it can be hard to fully capitalize on the stress relief that biking has to offer. Mountain biking allows the rider to disengage the parasympathetic nervous system and simply ride.

There are many unique and beneficial aspects of mountain biking over urban riding. It doesn’t have to be either/or. It can be both. There are few rules in the sport of biking, but one of them is to enjoy the ride. So if you haven’t yet or haven’t lately, get some mountain biking in soon and enjoy the ride.