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Tips About Dog Walking

One of the most pleasurable sides to owning a dog is when you get to take it for a walk. It is a wonderful experience to walk them in the fresh air and know that your dog is enjoying being outdoors as much as you are. This article will look at what we should know when it comes to dog walking and obtaining the best experience from it. For some more tipsregarding dog ownership, check out the Pupster Passion website.

How Often?

The majority of dog breeds will benefit from between 30 minutes and 2 hours of exercise daily. An owner, or whoever they have enlisted for dog walking, can break this down into two or more walks per day. 

Exercise is important for a dog to stay fit and healthy. It increases flexibility in your dog, strengthening their muscles and joints. It will also improve endurance. It will help to stave off likely health problems that are caused by obesity. With older dogs, it is important to exercise them to aid bowel function. You should bear in mind that if a dog is not used tobeing exercised a lot, this should be built-up over time, as suddenly increasing it to an hour per day when this is not normally the case could result in medical problems or injuries.

Different Breeds

Different breeds will require more exercise than others. So, it is important to have done your research about your particular breed before buying it. This will ensure that they fit in with your family situation and the amount of time that you have.Although, the services of a professional dog walker can always be sought. Family members and relatives will be happy to walk your dog.

Greyhounds do not require as much exercise as you might think. Just a short 20-minute walk daily is all that is required in their case. English Bulldogs tend to sleep on couches and overheat if they are in the sun for too long, so they will not want to walk too far. Other dogs not requiring much exercise include the Bull Mastiff, Basset Hound, Chow Chow, Shih Tzu, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Breeds that will require a lot of exercising include the Border Collie, German Shepherd, Boxer, Golden Retriever, Irish Setter, Pointer, Boxer, Dalmation, Weimaraner, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Siberian Huskey, and Jack Rusell Terrier.

During a Dog Walk

If your dog pulls a lot, then you will want to consider using a front clip harness. You should avoid using retractable dog leads as this will make it hard for them to adjust to normal dog walking again. If there is a field nearby, that you have permission to be in, then allow them to run free under your control. Allow your dog to sniff as this provides mental stimulation for them. Always have some water for your dog to drink during the walk to keep them hydrated. Be aware of hot pavements in the summer when it comes to their pads. Finally, make sure that your dog is wearing ID. This is necessary if you are going to let them off the leash at some point.

When the weather is wet or cold, you can improve the walking experience for your dog by having them wear a dog jacket. There are waterproof varieties available and ones with more layers to keep your dog warm and snug. Not all dogs will need them, it depends on how hardy your breed is. Those that originate from cold climates will enjoy the cold better than those that have not. Most dogs will benefit from the extra layers of protection. You do not want a dog to overheat, as English Bulldogs tend to do in summer, so it is best to research your particular breed with regards to its specific requirements.

In summary, dog walking is a pleasurable experience between pet and owner but you should bear in mind a few things so that your dog has the best experience and is kept fit and healthy. You should consider that all dogs need exercise but some require more than others. It is useful to have worked this out before buying your pet but you can always have someone else walk your dog for you. You should think about the type of harness and lead required to keep your dog under control when dog walking. This will depend on the strength of your dog. Think, too, about the weather when you are walking your dog so that they are comfortable. Above all, enjoy the experience as much as your dog.