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Common Home Working Problems And How To Remedy Them

Many people assume that home working means a more leisurely professional life. While this can be correct in some ways, in others, it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean that the stress is gone and that things can’t still go wrong. Machinery can go faulty in either setting, while quiet colleagues can be exchanged for noisy family members. Though you’re surrounded by those you cherish most, it might be that feelings of loneliness have begun to creep in.

Here’s how to remedy some of the common problems home workers experience. 

Fixing Broken Computers

When machines went wrong in a commercial building, you’d likely be able to summon highly qualified computer technicians to remedy the issue. 

When you’re working from home, you may not have access to that same level of care. It might be that those colleagues can now help you over Zoom instead for minor issues, but if your computer is in such a broken state that you cannot even access any sort of communications software, then it can feel like you’re on your own. 

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Dealing with Noisy Family Members

Noisy family members can be a big problem for many home-based professionals. 

To combat this issue, start by laying the ground rules. Establish that no noise is to be made at important time periods, and make sure everyone understands to leave you alone in such instances. Additionally, it might be worth soundproofing your home office; thick curtains and rugs, acoustic foam panels, and window inserts to block sound from the outside should all work well. 

Interestingly, The Guardian’s feature on mastering home working tells the reader to ‘think of interruptions as a great opportunity for your colleagues to get to know you better.’ Of course, this might extend to pets too, allowing your cute furry friends to occasionally weigh in on more light-hearted catch-up meetings. Time the brief interruptions well, and family members may not bother you at crucially inopportune moments thereafter. 

Tackling Social Isolation

Everyone has experienced some degree of isolation this year, and left unchecked it can become a major problem in your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

There is a loneliness emergency at root in the UK today, caused in part by the pandemic. However, group chats, regular Zoom catch ups, texting with loved ones, or even striking up conversations on social media are all useful ways to take the edge out of any loneliness you’re experiencing. Today, even small talk has a big impact. 

It’s important to have a balance here so you’re not overly distracted from your work, but it’s possible to both perform your job well and have a chat should you desire. Remember, you’re not alone, and others may appreciate you checking in from time to time, thereby sparking more meaningful conversations to enjoy.