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How Did Vaping Etiquette Change In Response To Covid?

The coronavirus pandemic changed everything, raising many businesses to the ground, and confining all peoples to their homes. 

It has caused many seismic shifts in daily life. However, smaller changes have been incurred also, forcing people to adapt even in the most minute of ways. The vaping community is not excluded from this, so it’s worth considering how they’ve had to adjust partaking in their activity in order to cope or comply with all the rules.

Here’s how vaping etiquette changed in response to covid. 

Vaping to Relax 

The coronavirus has meant that many people have unfortunately been feeling depressed, stressed, or a combination of the two. 

Because of this, many people will have turned to vaping as a way of taking the edge off. After all, vaping was often a go-to way of relaxing after work, so it’s reasonable to expect an uptick of vaping as a means of dealing with all the chaos going on in the world today. 

People are surrounded by their work today in working from home. Of course, if everyone is struggling mentally and emotionally, then everyday can feel like an arduous task anyway. Still, whether it’s the flavours or the fun of performing certain tricks, vaping has undeniably been a worthwhile distraction in recent times. 

Tinkering with Interests

Swathes of the UK turned to existing interests to keep themselves entertained during the bleaker periods, even tinkering with them to customize their experience to their liking. 

New activities have been taken up too, with cooking and gardening having received spikes in popularity amid all the doom and gloom. Tending to these interests is a constant, however, and requires a dedication in acquiring and using all the right equipment over a prolonged period. Still, it’sundoubtedly a rewarding process. 

Vaping carries a similar ethos. New modifications and add-ons are constantly released, allowing vapers to fine tune their experiences for optimum satisfaction. It can also refresh interest also, giving loyal customers of brilliant brands something to look forward to as the days of tedium dragged on. Ultimately, having agency and control over somethingcounted for a great deal when lockdown was at its worst.  

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No Sharing 

Vaping was once a social activity, undertaken together at gatherings and parties. 

Close friends and partners may have even shared their vapes on occasion, sampling one another’s flavours and add-on components. However, people have obviously been kept apart in recent times, so the sharing of vapes has obviously not been possible. 

Additionally, while evidence is sporadic, official sources advise against sharing vape devices with anybody, or breathing in other’s vape clouds passively. Therefore, even though society is slowly opening back up again, extra precautions where vaping is concerned are necessary. After all, there’s no sense in risking any further transmissions of the virus, so playing it safe is always the best route to take.