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How to Restore Old Windows

Old homes are beautiful and come with a lot of character.  A lot of which is built in the house’s unique features like old windows and doors. It is important that these features are maintained, and well looked after because they can rot and deteriorate. Windows and doors in a state of disrepair can cause your home to be drafty and inefficient. One can repair old windows in a number of ways, for example, DIY maintenance or a professional job. Regardless of how you do it, it is recommended that they should be repaired every 50 years to make sure they are kept in good nick.

Old windows are made from materials that allow them to be restored. Therefore it is very important to keep up with their maintenance, so you are not forced to replace them. 

Restoring Old Windows

It is important to restore old windows because, over time, they can become hard to use. Often if they get to a state of disrepair, they will become leaky and energy inefficient. Furthermore, some people will find that they are hard to open and close because the wood has become warped from weathering. Repairing old windows is sustainable since they can be so inefficient if they are left to chip, leak, or sag. 

Depending on the amount of wear on the window, the process can either be quick and simple or take more time to address. Sometimes it might just need a new paint job; if sash windows are not painted or treated properly, the wood can swell or sag. Remember to seek professional help with any paint job since old windows run the risk of lead-paint exposure.  Restoring glass and the sash can also be very tricky; it has to be removed from the wood and reglazed with a new glazing compound. It is worth looking for professional help with this part too.  Several firms deal with sash window restoration,  all of which will provide a bespoke and high-quality service.

The Benefits of Restoring Old Windows

Restoring old windows can provide a home with much-needed insulation. Some studies say that the insulation of restored windows is comparable to homes with new vinyl double-glazed windows. Repairs and restorations made on old windows will make them airtight, less likely to be drafty, and more efficient.  Moreover, restoring old windows might be more cost-efficient than switching to vinyl because if these windows become faulty, they have to be thrown out. Repairing the materials on old windows is a lot more sustainable and will ultimately mean they last longer. 

Finally, old sash windows are stunning. By restoring them, you will be able to preserve their beauty without having to have them replaced. This is because the materials of old windows can be restored through small alterations if they are maintained correctly. Therefore, it would be very unfortunate to let your windows get to a place of such disrepair that you have them replaced with plastic/vinyl windows.