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DIY Or Call In The Pros? Outdoor Jobs To Tick Off Your List Before Summer

Summer is just around the corner and most of us are looking forward to spending time in the garden soaking up the rays. If you’re preparing for a summer of al fresco gatherings and barbeques, it’s always wise to plan in advance. Here are some outdoor jobs to tick off your list and some tips to help you decide which to take on and which to leave to the pros. 


If you like to turn your hand to jobs around the house, you may be keen to work through the list of tasks required to get your garden ready for the summer. There are many jobs you can tackle yourself but some are best left to experienced professionals. 

DIY jobs you can attempt safely include mowing and trimming the lawn, planting and weeding, varnishing and painting fencing and gates, laying new patios and paving and cutting down small branches. If you’ve got trees or bushes that need trimming, take a look around and explore products that are suitable for small-scale home projects. When you’re using machinery outdoors, for example, mowers, strimmers and chainsaws, always make sure that you read the instructions before use and wear protective equipment such as a mask, gloves and ear defenders. 

If you’re new to the world of using a chainsaw or you’re thinking about attempting basic landscaping, it’s a good idea to watch tutorials and read guides before you start. Take a look at this guide from Mowers Online if you’re a beginner.

Call in the pros

DIY can be fun and it can save us a huge amount of money but every amateur has limits. Even if you’re tempted to give a difficult or dangerous task a go, it’s wise to seek expert advice first. If you attempt a task that should only be undertaken by professionals, you run the risk of injuring yourself and you may end up paying out to correct a botched job. 

Examples of jobs that you may wish to consult the experts about include installing complex irrigation systems, advanced landscaping, clearing and cutting down trees and adding intricate outdoor lighting systems. If you’re thinking about enhancing the aesthetic of your outdoor space with a water feature, you might also want to consider hiring professionals. Anything that involves electrics, plumbing and using heavy-duty tools or scaling heights is probably best left to the pros. 

If you are considering hiring a gardening company, landscaper, or tree surgeon, it’s always beneficial to ask around for recommendations. Ask neighbours, friends, and colleagues who have had work done in their gardens and use local social media groups to get ideas. Read reviews and client testimonials and compare quotes before you decide which company to choose.

Many of us like to think of ourselves as DIY maestros but it’s always wise to know your limits, especially when it comes to complex tasks and jobs that carry a risk of injuries. If you’re on a mission to get the garden ready for summer, take these tips on board to determine which jobs you can do and which to leave to the professionals.