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Live In The Midlands? How To Deal With Rising Energy Costs

The cost of living has started to rise across the midlands, following in the tracks of cities like London and the south region. 

This is an inevitability due to the recent infrastructure improvements in cities such as Birmingham, and other new services in the area.

Look Into Your Supplier

If you’ve been with your current supplier of energy for a long time, then chances are that you’re paying more now on your current tariff than you were at the beginning.

With that in mind, consider calling up your supplier to speak about options, if they aren’t willing, then switching energy supplier could end up saving you more money.

Usually, your new supplier will deal with the exit costs of your contract and get you set up on a better deal.

Get Professional Recommendations

When it comes to your energy bill, you should always consider the information gathered within your EPC.

The purpose of this document is to assess the energy performance of your home and is a legal requirement when it comes to selling or renting your property. It is usually a big selling point to renters especially.

When an epc inspection is conducted, you’ll be provided with data regarding the dimensions of the building and the construction and types of walls. As well as this, an organisation will look at the existing heating situation, lighting, glazing, and general insulation.

These checks help provide your energy ratings and, more importantly, provide recommendations on how to improve energy use, therefore saving costs.

It can be difficult to find an effective EPC provider in the midlands for a fair price, check out epcHome. They’ll be able to provide an EPC Birmingham qualified assessor to visit the property and gather the information required.
They can cover Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, and other west midland counties. They can cost as little as £55 up to a 5-bed detached house.

Usually, you can book your slot and have your document in a couple of days, but if you’re in a rush, you can use their express EPC service, where you can collect it the same day of the visit.

Use Less Resources

It’s a fairly simple concept, but one of the most effective methods in combatting energy costs, is to simply use less resources.

In the midlands, it usually only get’s cold around the winter time. Any other season may still be slightly cold, but consider using a coat or jacket around these times, rather than putting the heating on and forgetting about it.

The same can be said with other like-minded resources, such as lights and electronics. These things don’t have to be on all the time. Especially when it comes down to lights. 

If you’re going to persist with lights being on more regularly, for whatever reason, then consider switching out your normal bulbs for LED bulbs. These energy efficient bulbs can end up saving you long term and short-term costs.

Using your energy sucking devices more will naturally lead to higher costs, so keep and eye on them, perhaps get a smart meter installed to monitor progress.