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Easy Tips to Renovate Your Old House

Getting bored of looking at the same walls and want to renovate your old house but do not know where to start from? 

Renovating an old house can be tricky and you might end up spending more than you initially had in mind without getting the desired results if you jump into it without proper planning and budgeting.

Here we are discussing some great tips and tricks to renovate your old home without going bankrupt.

Research and planning is the key

To ensure success at renovating your house, you have to be well-versed regarding every corner of the house that needs amendments. You have to be precise about what you need to change, what needs to remain, and what kind of look you want to give to your house.

For better-decorating ideas and color schemes, you can scroll through interior designing websites, catalogs, or even Pinterest. Make a list of the changes you want and execute according to the list otherwise you will find yourself hanging in the air.

Focus on foundation repair

Effective and long-lasting changes cannot be made without foundation repair. If the foundation of your house is not well-constructed or has worn out then your house is at a potential risk of damages like sewerage system leakage, formation of termites and insects, or water seeping in through the cracks.  

Several foundation repair companies offer foundation repair services for old houses as well. You can seek help from any construction company whose service charges fit your budget.

Also, if the professionals from a construction company prepare a report mentioning that the flaws in your foundation are beyond repair, there’s something else you can do. And that’s demolishing your old house and building it from scratch. According to Home Care Contractors, before you begin the process make sure that the area is properly inspected. In order to get started with the demolition process, it is important to disconnect all the utilities, get pest control and have proper permits.

Change wall paint

Changing the color of your walls ultimately brings out a new look. If your walls were previously colored, you better opt for a classical cream, beige, or white and grey theme to give your house an elegant look. 

In case you already have plain walls which now bores you, adding some combination colors will give energizing vibes. You can also look for wallpapers or wall stickers as a cheaper alternative to paint if you are tight on budget. 

Before painting your walls, do not forget to look for cracks and fill them with gap fillers if you find any to get rid of uneven walls. If any wall is uneven and cannot be fixed, turn it into a featured wall and add a pattern that will help in hiding the flaw.

Paint that furniture white

For renovating your old house you do not have to buy new furniture rather just paint those old brown furniture in white color and turn them into classic Victorian era pieces. Accent your white furniture with patterned decoration items to create a vintage theme. 

You can also paint your old pieces in some solid colors like red, green, or yellow, this will also give your house a new and modern look.  

In case you do need new furniture pieces, first, try to visit the market and also check some thrift stores. Often there are amazing items available at discounted prices at thrift stores and you can easily seal the deal by buying secondhand hand furniture items.

Work on flooring

Renovation is always incomplete without changing the old flooring. If you want to give your old house a modern look, go for vinyl tile flooring. Vinyl tile comes in various sizes, colors, patterns and they are super easy to clean. 

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles are also now available in the market which can be easily laid on your old floor and they are also crack-resistant which increases their durability.

Decluttering is essential

Let go of your hoarding habit and give your old house a chance to breathe again by decluttering.  We often find it hard to let go of our stuff and keep unnecessary things. 

While decluttering, when you come across any item you are not using ask yourself how many times you have used it in the previous year. If you have not used it in an entire year, probably you would not need it anymore so either throw it away or sell it and make some more bucks.

Add a personalized touch 

Try to learn DIY techniques and make some crafts for your home with the help of construction equipment to add a comfy vibe.

You can also turn this opportunity into a beautiful memory by creating something along with your family and decorating your house with pieces that you all have created as a family. 

Pro Tip: to give your house a fancier look, add lots of mirrors on different walls. Mirrors will make your rooms look bigger and brighter.